November 5, 2008

To everyone who emailed me already....

Thanks for kind words for America...

 It's really a day that I can say I feel very PROUD to be an American citizen and NOT feel embarassed by a really terrible president Bush and his administration!!

 It is an historical day for us Americans... for the world, as well.... I am sooo overjoyed that he won, that WE WON, and with the huge margin (A LANDSLIDE), it really restores my faith in the American people, as well.. That they are not all dumb knuckleheads!!

Do you know that Sarkozy was the first to call Obama and congratulate him?
I heard it on the news when they announced it this morning... 

I got up a littlebefore 4 am and stayed up until 6:30 to watch the excitement and acceptance speech... I am soooo proud of Mr. Obama and his eloquence... I hope that he will really be able to bring about some positive changes for the country andhelp restore America's reputation.... I know he has a long road ahead of him
but he seems to have the energy and passion to do it!!!


This post is taking part in the Virtual Post-Election Bash Kick Off, hosted by Diane @ Martini's For Two
I have goosebumps!!!!! Obama WINS Virginia and they are reporting that Obama has WON the election!!!! Chicago is reporting that he's WON the election!!! OMG!!! I'm crying tears of happiness!!!!!!! Sooo happy!!!! Live in Chicago at 22:03 a.m.!!!

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Our Juicy Life said...

leesa - i said the exact same this to my husband "i feel proud to be an america"...we did the right thing, we will no longer be laughed at, looked down at, hated...we also made history which is pretty cool. we got up around 4:30 to watch msn on the internet.

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Most of the Americans are/will be walking on a cloud on this 5 November.
Big hugs to you
((((((((((((( )))))))))))))

anaïs said...

yes it seems to good to be true :)

the whole world was supporting him. I'm listening to radio and the journalist is interviewing a guy from Senegal who created a support comity in Dakkar for Obama!
it was incredible all this fervor to him.

I'm glad to learn that Sarkozy was the first one to congratulate him!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leesa!!!!
I am so happy tooo....I was never so hapy about anything political...And communicating on FB, many people in Europe feel the same way...Oh, this is just wonderful... he will have extremely hard time but it always takes longer to heal something than smash and break it...

naturelle said...

I didn't sleep and I cried out of joy... This is just incredible!


Susan in Lille said...

I was up watching this morning early too! I cried when he gave his acceptance speech. It is so crazy how now I feel so much more PROUD to be an American in France!!

Marie said...

Leesa, this is a great day !
I am not American but I do really feel proud about you guys.
My son is only 3 and 1/2 but I told him this morning : "Your country elected the first African-American President !". I am sure he didn't understand all the meanings of what I told him but I needed to do it !
Besides, he brings so much hope and looks really hard-working that he'll clearly change the US !
Bravo !!

tqe / Adam said...

I too am proud to be an American today, and proud of my next government... with the current administration I often try to avoid telling people where I am from.

Starman said...

In the early going, I was so afraid America was going to again show us it's ugly side. But intelligence has finally prevailed.

Andrea said...

It's so fantastic to be an American! We voted, made our choice, we were heard and that feels awesome! I wish I was 'at home' in the US to celebrate but this Virtual Bash is pretty darn great too!

Diane Mandy said...

Goosebumps. I still got them!! Isn't it fantastic??

Leesa said...

Hi Everyone---

Thanks sooo much for voicing your thoughts on this wonderful day in history! WE did it... together! I'm just sooo excited about all of this... I was really worried that he wasn't going to win, but I prayed really hard, like I'm sure millions of others did!! AMEN... Maybe now we can start to solve some problems that America is facing--- both domestic and international!!
Thanks again for stopping by!!

Connie said...

Obama's speech was amazing - thrilling even. McCain was also very honorable... wow!

Ron said...

What a lovely post, Leesa!

And thank you for posting it! can actually feel a tremendous "energy shift" within the people of Philadelphia today!

Everyone is SOOOOO HAPPY!

Like you, I feel that he has a long road ahead of him, but I just KNOW that he's the man to make the changes!!!



Scary Mommy said...

What an amazing day!!!!

American in Norway said...

yea for the USA... They are still talking about it in Norway! : )

Leesa said...

Connie-- Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my blog... Yes! Obama's speech was AMAZING- I was tearing tears of joy!!! McCain's speech was indeed honorable.. though he should HAVE blamed Palin... although he really has ONLY HIMSELF to blame for picking her!!!

Ron-- YAY!!!! Glad the energy level is high there... I'm sure everyone will be flying high on Cloud 9 for awhile!! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!!! Always a plaisir!!!

Scary Mommy-- Thanks for stopping by and writing! YES!! A truly amazing day in HISTORY!!!!

American in Norway-- Thanks to you also for stopping by! I think we will all be talking about it for while... Such a HUGE VICTORY in many ways!!!
Take care, Leesa

Sarah said...

I feel extremely proud to be an America, however, I am ashamed to be a Californian since Prop 8 passed. I am reliving 2000 all over again. One giant leap forward for America! One giant leap backward for civil rights and California!

Leesa said...

Hi Sar,

I know what you mean... It's very unjust! WHen will things be fair?! I hope it's overtruned or that enough people protest... It's about human rights and equality, after alll!!!