November 23, 2008

Snow today in Antony!

Well, it snowed today for about a half an hour but it didn't stay on the ground.  Oh well... It was still nice to see SNOW!!  I'm from So. Cal, you know... So snow is still a novelty for me!  
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Barbara said...

Yes Leesa; we also got this melting snow. But, we were having lunch with our Dad, and I was really too busy to do more than glance out the window.
It didn't last long !

Starman said...

I once sat on a plane for seven hours at CDG because of snow.

Ron said...

Woo! Woo! Woo!

Hey, KNOW what SNOW person I am, so I'm so excited with you about this!!!

Isn't the first snow the best?

I SCREAMED when we got ours here in Philly!

Kelli said...

Hi! I just found your blog! Is the Antony you are referring to the suburb about 20 mins south of Paris? My husband used to live there and I loved going down to see him! Great little area...

Leesa said...

Hey Barbara...

No, it sure didn't last long... It didn't even stick on the ground.. But it was fun to see.. First snow of the season... Maybe we'll actually get some snow this/next year!!!!

Starman.... WHOA!! That's horrid!! I cannot imagine that... ADD me would go stir crazy in that plane.. Hope they showed lots of movies!!!

Kelli... Bienvenue!! Glad you found my blog and thanks for introducing yourself and leaving a comment... Yes!!! It's indeed the same Antony... Where in sunny So. Cal are you? I spent 23 years in San Diego... I miss it sometimes!!!
I'm from Hollywood (L.A.) originally... Take care and thanks again for stopping by!!
Take care,