November 14, 2008

Smoggy L.A.!

This is were I was born and raised until the age of 17, when I moved south to San Diego to attend university (UCSD, Muir College). I never really liked living in L.A. and when I was young, I always wanted to "get out" of L.A. I think that is why I left as soon as I had the chance! San Diego was a great choice, fewer people, less developed and less pollution (back then).

When I was around 17 years old, I came got sick... as in a cold which went to my lungs and I developed bronchitis... after that... all through my 20s... and even my 30s... every time I caught a cold, it would go right to my lungs and it would turn into a terrible bout of brochitis (asthmatic bronchitis in my mid twenties until now). I did little to control/treat my condition (as I lacked proper health insurance for many years) and it went treated and untreated (inhalers, meds, and even prednisone when it was really bad).

I've kind of "grown" out of it... thanks to the ban on cigg. smoking in California years ago... and here in France I am very careful -- but I remain VERY sensitive to ANY cigg. smoke, chemical fumes from products, dust, etc... One thing that I swear by that really helped to treat my condition was about 4 or 5 treatments of acupuncture and chinese medicine... I strongly recommend this for anyone who suffers from bronchitis or asthma as I think it really helps incredibly!!!!

Here's what I lived in for the first 17 years of my life... YUCKKKK!!!!!


Anonymous said...

looks so chaotic for growing up...:) On the other hand, it was at least interesting no?:)

Barbara said...

I remember you telling me about the asthma, Leesa, and yes, the value of accupuncture for you.
Yes, LA is not a healthy environment to grow up in.
I see why you are atracted to islands in a sense ; fresh air and generally healthy lifestyle.

Wishing you good health and lots of love.

Franco said...

eww I hate smog

Leigh said...

WOW, that is horrible, we get the the same Brown cloud here in Denver as well, but that looks well, I cant see LOL.

I cannot wait to get back to Europe. awww.

Ron said...

WOW...that photo of LA!!!!

And they say NYC has smog!!!

It's funny, Leesa...I was in LA very briefly and didn't like it. Something about the energy just didn't feel "good" to me. However, I know that MANY people LOVE and ENJOY it! Now, San Francisco...I think I would LOVE, because it never really gets hot there and the air looks so clean!

Hey...I think it's FABULOUS about the accupuncture. I've had it done several times and found it amazingly helpful. If you ever get a chance, please pick up a book on foot reflexology. I'm a certified practitioner and I've got to tell TOO is amazing. After you read up on it, you can actually do it for yourself to help yourself whenever your lungs start acting up. I've help myself through MANY things...colds, toothaches, stomache ickies, knee issues, name it, it will definitely assist to support healing.

You may find it helpful!

Have a wonderful weekend, Leesa!

Enjoyed this post!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I LOVE L.A. it's a fantastic city!

Leesa said...

Linda--I DO have to say it was interesting during the 70s, but only in hindsight... I really couldn't stand living in Hollywood as a kid and as a teen... there are much nicer parts of LA to live in, though... Like Bev. Hills, Los Feliz, and Brentwood... Even Santa Monica is nice... I kinda grew up in Topanga Canyon/Malibu on the weekends... Loved that!!!

Barbara-- Soooo true, sooo true... I agree with the islands.... Nothing like an island!!

Ron--- I had a friend who lived in San Fran for MANY years and I would go to visit her at least once or twice a year... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE San Fran!! It's a city with sooo much charm and lots to see and do.... It's a pretty city, too....
Acupuncture is AWESOME!! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you had a nice weekend!!!

Hi Philip... L.A. has a certain.. "je ne sais quoi!" to it... I do have sooo many good memories from living there... and there is sooo much to do there.. However, can't stand the smog and the fast pace... Native L.A. folks are special, though! East coasters are my favorite, though!!!