November 20, 2008

Pompano Beach, Florida!

     Every now and again (well every day, really) I check my counter to see where people come from... Call me curious! Every day, I see someone log in from Pampano Beach, Florida... I know two people in Florida- my brother and my friend, Karina.... I don't know if it's one of them... but since it's someone regular, it got me even more curious...
     Soooo... Hello you in Pampano Beach... Reveal yourself if you'd like... or keep me wondering! At any rate, I'm just happy you like my blog enough to come back and visit!!!!
Merci beaucoup!!!
    By the way, Alex and I are planning a trip to Florida for some time next year.... : )  Pompano Beach could very well be one of the places we visit!! LOOKS GREAT!!!!


debi_in_Hawaii said...

FYI...that thing is NOT accurate.
It says I'm in "Bakersfield, CA".

Leesa said...

How funny, Debi... I think it usually picks up where your server is... How weird to think that your server is on the Mainland!!! hehehe.... I wish it would just say Oahu!! Thanks for letting me know, in any case!!!