November 20, 2008

Le nouveau est arrivé--- WHO KNEW?!!!

I feel a little out of it since it's almost 11 pm on 20 nov. and I had NO idea about this until Alex JUST now told me... No worries, though... He didn't know until his mom called him tonight to tell him!! Hehehehe.... You can tell we're not huge wine drinkers!!  Beaujolais' website HERE
                             VIVE LE NOUVEAU BEAUJOLAIS!!!!
        The date to remember in 2008: Thursday 20th November at 0.00 hours precisely, in France and throughout the world. 
                     Graphic above: copyright Ben Vautier - All rights reserved


David said...

This means last night, not tonight though...

And BTW: "Friends don't let friends drink Beaujolais" This is my motto of the week...

(hopefully, one day foreigners will realize that this whole Beaujolais thing is just a scam, not that different from the Nigerian scam)

Ron said...

OMG....this is WONDERFUL!!!!

Because a Beaujolas was the first wine I ever tried.

The funny thing about this, is that I never drank ANY alcohol up until two years ago. And then suddenly, I had the desire to try drinking wine. I had no idea what to buy, so I went around asking every one at work, their suggestions.

And a Beaujolais is what most of them said, considering it's a lighter red to start with.

I ended up LOVING it!

And since then, have tried several different reds.

I truly have turned into a wine enthusiast! There's something about the ritual of wine that I love. The selection, the taste, the pairing,...OMG...I LOVE IT!!!

Anyway, Leesa...thanks for this post, because I know that this is the perfect time for a Beaujolais!

Cheers, my friend!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Great husbands birthday as well :-)

We are all wined out here in Italy :-)

Leesa said...

David-- WHOOOPS!! I saw the date- yeh... the 20th, oh well.. missed it again. It's okay, I don't drink anyhow... I'm probably the only one in France besides a few kids who doesn't drink!!! Some friends went out and had a drink but said the wine wasn't that great...
Yeh.. "Friends DON'T let friends drink Bojo!!" hehehe... ; )
It's probably less of a scam then things on Craigslist, I bet!!!!

Ron- De rien!!!
Gee-- I live in the wine CAPITAL of the world-- and I don't drink... I'm JUST now starting to get a taste for wine-- trouble is... I cannot drink more than about 2 or 3 sips... That's it for me...
Have a nice weekend and thanks for visiting!!!

Anne- Happy B-day to your hubby-- mine's next Friday. Great month for b-days!!! Thanks for stopping in- hope your having a nice trip!!