October 14, 2008

What are the chances????!!!!!

A few weeks ago... I got off the metro 4 and proceeded up the stairs to the exit I have been taking for two years now... When I got up the first flight of stairs and started walking down the hallway, I noticed that everyone was coming toward me... HUH?!! Ooops, I went the wrong way?  How'd that happen? Oops, I had my sunglasses on, perhaps... Not really paying attention...

Well, I turned around to go back and I hear this loud... "LEESA!"  Wow.. that sounds like Brigitte's voice!  Turned around to look for B... Didn't see her... Oh.. there she is!  

She was on her way to take the metro to work.. and there I was, in the wrong direction!  I walked back out with her and we were marveling our what a coinkydink it was when I noticed I took the "Sens interdit," something I've never done before... But, if it weren't for my "wrong turn" that morning, I would have NEVER known that Brigitte and I were just a moment away from one another-- same place, same time!! In the Paris metros... Imagine that!!!!


Ron said...

Isn't WONDERFUL when stuff like that happens, Leesa?

This is WHY I totally believe in..."everything happens for a reason."

SO many times in my life, I've had things go seemingly "wrong"...when later on...I discovered WHY.

And they also say that if you're ever going to meet someone you know...it will be either in New York City...or Paris!!!

How cool for you ladies!!!

And you look FABULOUS, my dear!!!

You movie star!!!!

(you and I are both blue-eyed people)

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Now frankly, what are one's chances in the Metro of finding anyone that one knows??
Pretty slim; but you found Brigite!

What's this about taking the "wrong way" passage ??
I think you told me once that you needed glasses ... careful not to hurt yourself one day.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow how amazing is that :-) Strange and spooky... you took the wrong turn for a reason!!

Leesa said...

Hi Ron...

It was SUCH a weird coinkyD. I always have wondered if I would ever see anyone I knew while wanted the streets and metros of Pah-ree! Thanks for the compliment on our picture.. I'm from Hollywood and Brigitte is from Chicago.. So, we're STAHHHHHSSS, DAHLINGGGG!!!! ; )

Anne.. That was my reaction exactly!!!!!

Leesa said...

Hey Barbara--

I KNOW~~~ What are the chances, really?!!! I had my walkman on, my sunglasses and when I got off the metro - I just started walking up the stairs, thinking it was the same exit I normally take!!! : )