October 19, 2008

Wedding cupcakes...

It's a first for me, but I managed to pull off 90 cupcakes for Jess and Nico's wedding party this weekend... Jess made the ganache frosting (yay).  I arrived at the hostess' house a few hours before the party and frosted the cupcakes.  I elicited the help of two girls at the party (around 12/13 years' old) to make the cream cheese frosting.  At first they were a little shy and unsure- the recipe was in English and with American measuring cups/spoons).  But, after I explained the directions to them... they went at it "full steam ahead" and the frosting was a great success!!!!  Plus, we had fun!  They really wanted to taste the carrot cake cupcakes so I let them split one and it seemed like they had found Heaven!! They were sooo thrilled with the success of their endeavor that I told them to make sure they told everyone that it was them who made the delicious frosting!!! 

As it turned out - the carrot cake cupcakes turned out to be a GRAND SUCCESS with everyone!!!

P.S. - If you take a good look at the cupcake stand, it was Jess' dad who constructed it from scratch... It looked professional!!!  Also, the "Magic 8 Ball" was a game - Upon taking a cupcake, you had to ask the Magic 8 Ball a question and then flip up the little paper magic 8 ball on the toothpick to find the aswer.. It was very cute and very original as an idea!!


Rochelle said...

awesome cupcakes leesa! well done you! very cool idea.

Our Juicy Life said...

what great cupcakes...they look so good. Carott, yummm at our wedding we had cupcakes instead of a cake and that's the way to go...very proud of you!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How brilliant. So pleased they turned out really great!! I love the Bride and Groom in the picture above :-)

Leesa said...

Hey Rochelle--

Thanks! I think their idea for Magic 8 Ball was REALLY original.. Most people there had never heard of it but it was a staple in American society during the 70s... it even made a comeback in the 90s!! Do they exist in Australia?


Hey Anne... Thanks a bunch!! The "bride and groom" were bought in Mexico... it's in the style of Dia de los muertos.. coming soon on 1 Nov!!!

debi_in_Hawaii said...

Good for you...inspiring and encouraging the young'ns to create!

Ron said...

BRAVA, Leesa!

Hey...what a GREAT idea about the EIGHT BALL!!!

When I was a kid, I LOVE playing with the Eight Ball. I can't tell you HOW MANY I had!

I've seen them in the stores now and they're DIGITAL!!!


The cupcakes look DIVINE!!!

Are those little gum drops on the tops of some of them, or ginger?

I'll take 5 please!

Anonymous said...

those cupcakes are very impressive... !! linda

Barbara said...

Congrats for the fine work !
It was nice to have had help to frost them once arrived.
Still, you had to bake them all.

Chapeaux bas !

Leesa said...

Hi Deb, Ron, Linda, and Barbara!!

Thanks so much for the nice compliments!!