October 20, 2008

Repose en Paix, Sista!!

Soeur Emmanuel is one woman millions of people will miss!! I read an interview with her almost two years ago and as I was reading the article, I got very teary-eyed!  She devoted her life to God and to helping others... PLUS, she had a LOT of spunk, that woman did!! I have a lot of respect and admiration for her and though I never met her, I will miss her!  Rock on in Heaven, Sister!!!  You'll be celebrating your 100th up there with my mom!!
** Pictures taken from the web.


Barbara said...

Oh yes, "reposez en paix, chère soeur Emanuelle".

I loved this woman; she had done so many wonderful things for others in her lifetime. And she had such an unforgettable character.

Ron said...

OMG, Leesa...she reminds me so much of Mother Theresa! Who, I've read several of her books, and LOVED!!

What a LADY she was!

And SISTA Emmanuel sounded the same!


Leesa said...

Babara and Ron
I have great respect and admiration for this woman... There are a lot of special people who dedicate their lives to helping others... She was one of them!!! I liken her to Mother Teresa!!

RIP Sister E!!!!

Marie said...

I wish I had shared my daughter's lunch at school when she came a few months ago. The school was having its traditional "bol de riz" and the money saved (difference between the price of a usual lunch and a bowl of warm rice) was given to one the schools she founded in Brazil.
Somebody in the school actually invited her for that occasion and she did come.
I'll buy her bio asap.