October 15, 2008


This Republican  worked to get McCain elected in 2000.
He just wrote a scathing response in the Baltimore Sun (Op-Ed)
by Republican author, Frank Schaeffer

"John McCain: If your campaign does not stop equating Sen. Barak Obama
with terrorism, questioning his patriotism and portraying Mr. Obama as 'not one
of us,' I accuse you of delibertately feeding the most unhinged elements of our
society- the red meat of hate, and therefor of potentially instigating violence....
You are doing this in wartime. You are doing this as our economy collapses.
You are doing this in a country with a history of assassinations.

McCain modulated his supporters by asking them to be "more" respectful.
The ncreasing anger and venom by supporters is causing concern among
repubs, now, as well.... but it is not clear which road he will take now... the higher one or 
the lower one... 

Check out this link.... It's a very good report...  Its, "The Rachel Maddow Show," on MSNBC.com.

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