October 5, 2008

Chocolate chip cookie dough-- Tollhouse cookies!

Who DOESN'T love a good cookie dough? I love the simplicity of Tollhouse cookies... Never fails!! I found a great site for pointers for making extra good chocolate cookies.. Check it out here if you are interested in trying some of these helpful tips... They also have a link to the Tollhouse recipe!


Susu said...

Oops, the pics are so yummy that I almost licked the screen. I took a tour on your Cupcake Princess site. It looks very cute! I really hope the biz will take off. I'll write you more in an e-mail. Have a good Sunday!

Ksam said...

YUM! i hope you saved some of that cookie dough for me!! lol

Giggle! said...


And I just got your email about the pirate cupcakes!!!


Barbara said...

Hey Leesa,
It looks like we have been having the same cravings... Since I've been back from the States, I've been dying to bake cookies !

To begin, I just bought store bought cookie paste by Herta.I know; won't be as good as your, but one day I'll try a batch from scratch.

Hugs xxx

Ron said...

Ok...I want to dip my finger in that batter and GO TO TOWN!!!

When I was a kid, Tollhouse cookies use to come in this little square box. And everytime my mother and I went grocery shopping, we'd open the box up and slowly nibble them until we got to the checkout counter...and they were GONE!!!!

(of course we did pay for the empty box)

Leesa said...

Hey Susa...

Thanks, I'll make some for our meet-up with Sam, TBF/Mrs. TBF on the 25th!!

Hey Sam... No, sorry... But, I'll bring some on the 25th... Can you bake them at your place?

Hey there GIGGLE!!! Thanks!!! I feel talented when you guys bestow me with all these compliments!! Thanks a ton... Hugs right back!!

Ron... That's soooo funny... Go to town.. You crack me up, DUDE!!! You're the east coast surfer with the tubular, surfboard tie!! Calabonga... or however your spell it.. I'm going to see Barbara in 2 hours.... I know she has something for me from you... Can't wait to see it... It's a surprise....
Anyhow... We used to eat candy in the supermarket and DITCH the wrappers afterwards... Thieves we were back then... Oh.. it's a terrible thing to admit, I know.. I am ashamed of it... I'm soo damn honest now it's sick!!!
Hugs to you....