October 13, 2008

Check out the difference!

This is a few looking down on end of the street and the other ... Check out the side in which the trees are almost bare.. These are the maroniers.. They were very sick this year in France! Nearly 80% of the maroniers in France were affected by a sickness.... I forget what but I blogged about it at the end of August... It was either a worm or fungus- it caused the leaves to be discolored and in EARLY August, the leaves were already brown and falling off of the trees!


Ron said...

How sad...

I happen to be a tree lover.

I actually enjoy going out and HUGGING them!

I find tremdous healing from trees!

Gosh...I hope they get well!

Leesa said...

Hi there Ron!!

I having hugged a tree in a LONG while.. but you are right about the healing part!!! Soooo true.. Gotta get out there and hug me a tree now!!! I hope they recover, too.. Thanks!