October 31, 2008

Go TEAM!!!

Yesterday on the train from Strasbourg to Paris we met 3 OUTSTANDING university students from Germany. They were competing in Red Bull's "Can you make it (to Paris)" competition. If you go here, you can read about the competition. It ends today here in Paris...

I was really amazed that these three boarded the train for Paris for FREE all the way from Munich for the only 20 Red Bulls in exchange for their places on the train! I was happy we got to meet them so that I could learn about this competition! It sounded like of fun... Oh, to be young again and do things like that.  

Anyhow, please check out their site (it's all in English) and vote for them today- GER025 is there team... You sign up at the Red Bull site HERE, it only takes a few seconds to sign up and then you go to their team and vote for them! The contest is over today in France at 4 pm so please take a few moments to vote!!!! Merci

Their team site is HERE, you can check it out.

Happy Halloween!!!

October 28, 2008

I'll be away without my computer!

Hi Everyone....

I'll be gone for two days to Strasbourg... not taking the computer with me... See you when I get back!!
Ciao, Leesa : )

Today is looking good for "O!"

CNN states that if the ELECTION was held today-- Obama would win with 277 electoral votes - McCain with only 174... Let's hope it stays like this and that the "toss up states" go for Obama!!!!! 7 MORE DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!

October 25, 2008

The Big Finn Meetup @ Starbucks....

Today we all met up at the Starbucks (blvd. des capucines) for a big Expat POW WOW!!  It was a GREAT turnout today, as you can see... Mr. and Mrs TBF were in Paris this weekend... and it was really a pleasure to meet them!  What a nice couple!!!!  So, it was The Big Finn, Mrs. TBF, me, Sam, Jasmin, Mira, Animesh, Susa, Elizabeth and Neil... 

The Big Finn and Mrs. TBF in Paris...

We are going to Starbucks tomorrow on rue des capucines to meet The Big Finn and Mrs. Big Finn.... Can't wait... 

October 24, 2008

Just in time for Halloween!!

Source:  Reuters
Photo:  Ilustrative photo (from the article)

"French President Nicolas Sarkozy has threatened to sue a publishing company unless it withdraws a Sarkozy doll that comes with a "voodoo manual" instructing readers to plant pins in it, his lawyer said on Tuesday.
The doll is emblazoned with some of Sarkozy's most famous quotes such as "Get lost you pathetic arsehole" -- his words to a bystander who refused to shake his hand at a farm show last year. Readers are encouraged to plant pins in the quotes.

"Nicolas Sarkozy has instructed me to remind you that, whatever his status and fame, he has exclusive and absolute rights over his own image," lawyer Thierry Herzog wrote to publishers K&B in a letter published by newspaper Le Monde.

Confirming details to Reuters, Herzog said Sarkozy would sue the publishing firm if it didn't respond and pull the product. K&B has issued 20,000 copies of the manual and doll."

October 23, 2008

Get out and VOTE!!!!!

This is a direct cut and paste from a friend's blog! It's Katia and Kylimac who are nominated for podcast awards.. .PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

No, I'm not talking about the US Presidential Elections - I'm talking about the Podcast Awards. Our favorite podcasting duo has been nominated twice (TWICE!) - once in the General category and once in the Travel category. Starting today, you can vote once a day through November 6th. And as Kyliemac said, this is basically a popularity contest - so I'm encouraging you all to bookmark it and vote for them in both categories every day for the next two weeks. Every vote is just one small step towards building the K&K empire. :)

October 22, 2008

Susan from Texas!!

got married last Saturday!! I want to wish the happy couple all the best of everything in the years to come! I was fortunate to have met Susan and her mom last week when they were visiting Paris before the wedding... Susan is a very sweet and charming gal from Texas has been living in Lille for some months now....

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Susan and her mom in the Marais for breakfast.... After an added 15 minutes of getting us all lost with a two block radius of the resto... we finally made it to our spot- Le Loir dans la théière - 3, rue des Rosiers M St. Paul. Check out this cute, cozy place with great desserts!!!

Susan was sooo charming and sweet!! Great to have met you finally!! Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon!!

Best wishes to you and Cyr!!! Felicitations!!!!

***All pictures in this post were taken off the web. They're not mine!!

got married last Saturday!! I want to wish the happy couple all the best of everything in the years to come! I was fortunate to have met Susan and her mom last week when they were visiting Paris before the wedding... Susan is a very sweet and charming gal from Texas has been living in Lille for some months now....

October 20, 2008

Repose en Paix, Sista!!

Soeur Emmanuel is one woman millions of people will miss!! I read an interview with her almost two years ago and as I was reading the article, I got very teary-eyed!  She devoted her life to God and to helping others... PLUS, she had a LOT of spunk, that woman did!! I have a lot of respect and admiration for her and though I never met her, I will miss her!  Rock on in Heaven, Sister!!!  You'll be celebrating your 100th up there with my mom!!
** Pictures taken from the web.

October 19, 2008

Sarkozy had offered to help out Bush.....

with the financial crisis in the U.S. before it had escalated, Bush refused his offer of assistance.... NOW, Bush is singing a different tune!!  A little louder Bush, we can't hear you so well....  

Grapes in Champagne....

Little town where we stayed the night...

I can't remember the name of it.. but it was cute....

The Wedding Cucpakes...

Wedding cupcakes...

It's a first for me, but I managed to pull off 90 cupcakes for Jess and Nico's wedding party this weekend... Jess made the ganache frosting (yay).  I arrived at the hostess' house a few hours before the party and frosted the cupcakes.  I elicited the help of two girls at the party (around 12/13 years' old) to make the cream cheese frosting.  At first they were a little shy and unsure- the recipe was in English and with American measuring cups/spoons).  But, after I explained the directions to them... they went at it "full steam ahead" and the frosting was a great success!!!!  Plus, we had fun!  They really wanted to taste the carrot cake cupcakes so I let them split one and it seemed like they had found Heaven!! They were sooo thrilled with the success of their endeavor that I told them to make sure they told everyone that it was them who made the delicious frosting!!! 

As it turned out - the carrot cake cupcakes turned out to be a GRAND SUCCESS with everyone!!!

P.S. - If you take a good look at the cupcake stand, it was Jess' dad who constructed it from scratch... It looked professional!!!  Also, the "Magic 8 Ball" was a game - Upon taking a cupcake, you had to ask the Magic 8 Ball a question and then flip up the little paper magic 8 ball on the toothpick to find the aswer.. It was very cute and very original as an idea!!

October 18, 2008

And...... We're off!!

To the French countryside.. Champagne to be more precise!!!  Can't wait as I've never been there before. En plus, it's to celebrate the marriage of Jess and Nicolas... a wonderful couple we know!  I made the cupcakes, sans probleme!  All, 90 of them!!  I will frost them when we get there - to the house of the hostess.  The party starts at 7 p.m. tonight... and it's a mixed theme of cuisines...
Mexican, Indian, French and Brasilian.... Should be TASTEY!!!! 

I'll get some picture up after we get back sometime tomorrow...  Have a great weekend...

October 17, 2008


...IS ON THE WAY!!!!

I have 12 in the oven and 12 prepped to go after that....
I have another two batches to make after these two
and that will conclude the Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

Then tonight, I will attack the chocolate cupcakes!! I have
a big day ahead of me--- as I have to be at work from 3- 8:15 p.m.
Wish me luck and lots of rising cupcakes stars!!!

I'll take some pics and post them on my blog when I can...
Have a nice WE everyone!!

**** Special MERCI to Claire, my artist friend who drew and painted the picture in this post.  It's me, Cupcake Princesse, in the kitchen, "Baking up cupcakes just for you!"

October 16, 2008

News From France

Just trying out a title to see where I end up on a Google search!


Hey... Google IS great!!! I love Google, myself!  I mainly use Google.com and sometimes Google.fr, if I need to look up stuff in French... BUT, I've never really explored other Googles out there... like UK Google, for instance... I could, though, b/c it's in English.  Likewise, I don't use Google Austraila, or Google NZ.  Those are just a few English speaking sites.  I have never even ventured out to use all the OTHER Googles out there... I should try.. There's such cool stuff out there on Google.. How about ALL of you out there?  Which country's Google do you use??  I have visitors from over 126 countries so there must be a lot of non-English speaking Googlers out there.. So, come on and speak up.. which Google do you google with??

Side note:  Today on Google UK the Queen visits Google!!! 

Presidential Debate.... #3

It's 8 a.m. Is that TOO early for politics?!!  Who knows?  I'm watching last night's debate on Youtube.. Here if you are interested... I cannot seem to post videos from Youtube on my blog any longer so I'll just post the link... 

October 15, 2008


This Republican  worked to get McCain elected in 2000.
He just wrote a scathing response in the Baltimore Sun (Op-Ed)
by Republican author, Frank Schaeffer

"John McCain: If your campaign does not stop equating Sen. Barak Obama
with terrorism, questioning his patriotism and portraying Mr. Obama as 'not one
of us,' I accuse you of delibertately feeding the most unhinged elements of our
society- the red meat of hate, and therefor of potentially instigating violence....
You are doing this in wartime. You are doing this as our economy collapses.
You are doing this in a country with a history of assassinations.

McCain modulated his supporters by asking them to be "more" respectful.
The ncreasing anger and venom by supporters is causing concern among
repubs, now, as well.... but it is not clear which road he will take now... the higher one or 
the lower one... 

Check out this link.... It's a very good report...  Its, "The Rachel Maddow Show," on MSNBC.com.

Tell McCain to end the Politics of Hate!

On this website, The Real McCain, you can sign up to tell McCain to stop his dirty politics "smear campaign" which is not only racist but it's working to divide America... It thoroughly disgusts and angers me that nothing these two McCain and Palin have taken a racist standpoint in their attempt to smear Obama one of the worst ways possible...
It makes me wonder how this is even "legal" and if Obama could 'porter plante' against them.. Who the HECK would want these two racists at the head of the U.S. Gov.t! If this was in France and the candidates campaigned against each other like that-- calling someone a "terrorist" or "nazi" or whatever.... It's SHAMEFUL what they are doing!! I wouldn't doubt this to cause riots or to start race wars if Obama
is elected as president. 

All I can really say is this makes me VERY, VERY ASHAMED of the U.S. and NOT proud to be an American when I watch their racist responses in this video...

October 14, 2008

Life in France....

Richard, blog author of "Life in France,"and fellow expat here in France is out in the Blogosphere!
I just got word from him via email - SOOOO, I'm putting the word out to all of you... It's strange in a way... I'm "News From France" and he's "Life in France."  I almost feel like we are related somehow... Well, related or not, check out his blog here.   


What are the chances????!!!!!

A few weeks ago... I got off the metro 4 and proceeded up the stairs to the exit I have been taking for two years now... When I got up the first flight of stairs and started walking down the hallway, I noticed that everyone was coming toward me... HUH?!! Ooops, I went the wrong way?  How'd that happen? Oops, I had my sunglasses on, perhaps... Not really paying attention...

Well, I turned around to go back and I hear this loud... "LEESA!"  Wow.. that sounds like Brigitte's voice!  Turned around to look for B... Didn't see her... Oh.. there she is!  

She was on her way to take the metro to work.. and there I was, in the wrong direction!  I walked back out with her and we were marveling our what a coinkydink it was when I noticed I took the "Sens interdit," something I've never done before... But, if it weren't for my "wrong turn" that morning, I would have NEVER known that Brigitte and I were just a moment away from one another-- same place, same time!! In the Paris metros... Imagine that!!!!

October 13, 2008

Décès de l'acteur Guillaume Depardieu

Sad news today.... Fils de Gérard Depardieu, l'acteur français Guillaume Depardieu, vu chez Corneau, Salvadori, Carax ou Rivette, est décédé ce lundi 13 octobre d'une pneumonie foudroyante. Il était âgé de 37 ans. I'm just thinking of his family... I think there's nothing worse for a parent to lose a child. Soooo sad... RIP Guillaume!

Note: Photo and text in French taken from Allocine.com. You can read it here.

I love Paris in the fall....

Beautiful leaves...