September 28, 2008

YUMMM!!!!! Italian ice cream...

I was dreaming about ice cream all week and talking about it all weekend while Justin was visiting... So, on my way back to the RER B, I stopped at the famous chain, Amarino near Place St. Michel and had a med. cone- mangue, chocolat et crème caramel!!! HEAVEN, I'm in HEAVEN!!! CREAMY ice cream.. not the watered down icy stuff you buy at the super market!!! 


Justin said...

Well I am glad to see you stopped and got some AFTER I left ;-)

debi_in_Hawaii said... I want ice cream.

Ron said...

Does the word ORGASMIC sound good?

That's what this feels like to me!

The big O.

Damn...and CHOCOLATE ice cream too!!!

We have a wonderful Italian gelato place here in Philly, that I enjoy frequenting. I usually get TWO different flavors and eat them together - like dark chocolate and mint.

I can't speak when I eat it.... feels like a spiritual experience!

I even close my eyes!


Animesh said...

wait -- is this near our usual Friday night hangout?

Fabio Mancinelli said...

Amorino is good but... Alberto is 100 times better!

For those of you who hang out in Paris go and check it out:
Tasting is believing :)

An italian who has some expertise in ice-cream-tasting :)

Leesa said...


And BOY was it GOOD!! YUM!!!! Next time we'll stop for ice cream!!!

Ron... I didn't know ice cream was O'gasmic for you- but I can see that if it was choc. then yes!!! YES YES YES!!!
Like when Sally Met Harry... I'll have what SHE'S having!!!

Animesh... Yes!! It sure was... right on the same street..

Ciao Fabio!!!
Thanks for stopping by to tell me about Alberto's -- I checked it out and I will DEFINITELY check it out next time!! Molto grazzi for visiting my blog.. I tried to look up a page from your profile, but non is listed.. Do you have a blog? Hey.. We are both Sagitarius!! When's your b-day? Mine is 28 Nov!!
I'm making lasagne tonight, in fact!! That's pretty Italian, eh?
Caio... Leesa

Leesa said...

Oops... I skipped you, Debs... Come over here and we'll go for some gelato!!