September 21, 2008

You are DY-NO-MITE!!! Think J.J. Walker... Memba him??!!

Dear Ron,

You're a SUCH a cool guy and in the very short time that I have been reading your blog- I have managed to gain a new friend, thanks to you... We all think your DYNAMITE, you know... Soooooo... THIS award it 4 U!!! There's no other way to say it... U R DY-NO-MITE!!!!


debi_in_Hawaii said...

What ever happened to that guy JJ anyway? LOL.
Yep, Ron is mahvelous & dy-no-mite!

Giggle! said...


He is great isn't he!! xx

Leesa said...


Good question!! I have NO idea, actually... We can google it and see if he's still around and what he's up to...

Giggles- YEP! He's "The Man!!"

Ron said...


I'm freaking speechless!!!!


I'm freaking speechless!!

(oh...I already said that)

Dearest Leesa....thank you VEEEEEERY much!!!

And I use to watch this TV show all the time, too!!!


You are always so kind, thoughtful, and gracious, dear lady!

And I'm so happy that others have met you and have been touched by your wonderful spirit!

I sincerely feel very blessed in knowing you. And I have a feeling one of these days, we will meet...and TALK, and TALK, and TALK...until we lose our voices!

Thanks's very appreciatated!

Leesa said...

Hehe! Ron, if you only knew how I laugh out loud every time I read a new post of yours!!! It gives me SHEER d-light to visit your blog.. I feel like I already know you-- like we grew up on the same block or ran to the same ice cream man to grab a cherry bomb or big stick!! By the way, I TOTALLY dreamt about those cherry bombs- the red/white/blue ones last night! I have NO idea why, though!! So, as you soooo nicely complimented me... I will do the same- you are a very dynamic and "good energy" person... it's leaking out of my computer screen it.s so strong! I just seem to gravitate to those who are just naturally bright and shiny... like Barbara, you, GiGGles, Anne... etc. It's soooo nice to have such great people out there - people you don't know personally (except that I know Barbara and have met other fellow bloggers here in France)... but we are all connected through this media and we have all "found" each other--- It's cosmic... or kismet.. Whatever it's called...
Take good care,