September 16, 2008

Work was great and more than I expected!!

Sooooo - I'm sure you are all just dying to know how my first "official" day back to work went! Well, it went really well... My group of two (brother and sister combo) was increased to FIVE kids- Ages- 5, 51/2, 6 and 7!! They're so cute! I think it went okay... It was fun, anyhow! That's the largest group I have taught English to here in France! I think it's totally managable... It kinda of reminded me a little of my small groups back in the days when  I taught elementary school (over many years).  It brought back some good memories.  After the group of five kids, I walked about 2 minutes to arrive at the house of my next student, who is 11 years old... Very nice kid, too. That went fine... Tomorrow I have one student for an hour in the late afternoon... I will get to hear all about her trip to America that she and her family took this summer! I can't wait, esp. since they went to San Fran, Monterey/Carmel and Vegas...

It seems as though I have a pretty busy schedule this year but it's good in that all of my classes are after 5 pm (except for one class which starts at 3 pm). And my daytime and afternoons are free to go to the gym and meet up with friends/movies/lunch/Starbucks in Paris...

That's all for now... Have a nice night!


Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

SO glad to hear that your first day back was GREAT!!!

OMG...and when I read that you teach class AFTER 5pm...I almost died!! That's sounds like MY kind of job. I always feel more awake and have more energy, later in the day. With my present job, I go in late too (usually 2 or 3pm).

I laughed when I you mentioned about STARBUCKS, because I got together with Barbara and her hubby today!!!! And at one point, Barbara mentioned how you LOVE Starbucks and I told her that I did too!!

We had a VERY, VERY nice time.

Barbara and her husband are so SWEET. And her husband is a RIOT!!

oooh....and THANK YOU FOR THE CHOCOLATE!!! OMG...I ripped the box open immediately and ATE 2 pieces, and then after our dinner, I had another piece, and then I just ate another piece about 15 minutes ago!!!

It's the most delicious chocolate I've ever tasted!!! So thank you, Leesa!!

I love the box itself!

(and I bet the box is empty by tomorrow!)

I told you...I LOVE chocolate!

So please know...that I'm enjoying the living HELL out of it!


Enjoy your evening, Leesa!

Au Soleil Levant said...

Glad to hear you had a good first day back! Good luck with the rest of the week!

Giggle! said...

AWESOME!!! Here's hoping every day is as good as this one!! xx

Justin said...

Wow, you are really keeping busy. Glad to hear you are enjoying it!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

So pleased it all went well, lets hope everyday is a good one:-)

Animesh said...

wow! congrats! I wish I had a job like yours :).