September 14, 2008

Weekend's over!

Tomorrow I'll be starting back to work for the year (well, I started Friday) but tomorrow will be my first "official" day back to work after a nice, LONG summer!!! And, it's still nice out! I'm sooo happy that September has been a great month so far in terms of the weather! I am looking forward to working again with my students from last year and I will have a few new ones, as well...

I may not be posting as regularly as I will be pretty busy all week- I want to get to the gym everyday during the week from 9-12 and then I work in the evenings... So, if I kinda "disappear"- at least you'll know why!
Have a nice week everyone!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hope all goes well. I am back in work tomorrow, only second time since July 18th.

Will miss your posts.

Take Care, have a good week. :-)

Giggle! said...

It's not always an exciting thing to see the end of a holiday... but what an exciting job to go back to!!! I've always wanted to be a teacher... but never got around to it! HAVE FUN!! xx

Susan said...

I hope your first day was fantastic!!

Ron said...

Just stopped by to say that I hope you had a STUPENDOUS first day back, Leesa!

It's kind of FUN getting back to work isn't it?

With my particular job, I have ever January and July off each year. And by the end of each month, I'm usually really READY to get back.

Anyway, dear lady...I hope all went well, and that you have a wonderful week!

Leesa said...

Hi Anne---

It's sooo nice NOT to work-- but on the other hand... It's good to get those euros (Frankly, I'd rather be earning pounds!!)!! Maybe we'll win the lotto and retire young!!

Giggles- Thanks! It's somehow sad to end the holiday, but knowing I'm going back to a job I love is great, too!!! My students and their parents are SUPER!!

Susan--Thanks soo much.. It was a great time back (so far!!!)

Hey RON!!!

As a teacher, it's nice to have all the time off during the year, as well.. There are a lot of school breaks in France-- Yay!! Except that here, I don't get paid during the holidays like I did as a contracted teacher in San Diego Unified SD... Oh well... My expenses are MUCH lower here so I don't need as much money!! I was actually kinda ready to go back tooo... My bank account was screaming...
Take care everyone and thanks for the well wishes...