September 23, 2008


   Oh boy... another strike today!  Maybe it only affected the RER B line up to Gare du Nord... But, because of the last one on the RER B, I got stuck down in La Hacquinère and Alex so nicely came to pick me up during his lunch break (while he was working ALL the way in north Paris) and brought me back home.  

So, I decided to take the day off from the gym today because of the strike.. missing one of my FAV. spin instructors! I'm sooo bummed 'cuz the one tomorrow is a GROS NAZ!
Oh well...  I stopped by the info booth at the gare and chatted up the guy who works there... We discussed alternative possibilities of transportation other than the metro... He even offered to lend me his bike!  Merci...   Nah.. Je ne prendrai pas le risque aujourd'hui!  
Next, I went to the sandwicherie... my local hangout now and had un crème while dawdling around, visited Nadia at the marché (by the way, she has lost about 15 kilos since a surgery she had a few months ago... She decided it was time to get into shape.  And BOY, she looks great!!! I am very proud of her!   After that, I went shopping at Monoprix and picked up some groceries to make a quiche for tonight.  I am getting tired of boring food so I've been cooking more interesting dishes... Tonight, I'll make a broccoli/onion/mushion/onion and chedder quiche! Sounds YUMMMMM!!!!!  
I'll add some pics below, as it looks really D-LISH!!! Sorry Animesh, I know you are fasting right now so try not to look at the pictures!


debi_in_Hawaii said...

Me & Sukoshi say that looks GOOOOOD! Meatless, carbs, cheese, veggies. Mmmmm...

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

Sorry to hear about the strike!

I know what a bummer that can be, because a few years ago Philly had a Septa strike and the whole city was freaking out. Fortunately, I live very close to work, so it did affect me getting there. I'm also within walking distance from the grocery stores. However, many people were strongly affected.

Sending you guys some "good energy" so that it ends soon {{{{{{{{{{{

Ok...and about the QUICHE....

OH MY GOD!!!!!

These photos are incredible!! I can actually smell it!

(as I lick the screen)

I would love to have a nice glass of red wine and SEVERAL pieces of that yummy-looking quiche.

And contrary to what many people think...

...real men DO each quiche!


Enjoy it, Leesa!

farida said...

Hi Leesa, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment about my eclairs. Came to check your blog here:) Just subscribed to you to keep updated. Your quiche looks so good. When is the recipe coming?:)


shannon said...

Oh yes. I got to deal with the lovely strike yesterday on my way from CDG to the Gare du Nord. Not fun to be crammed on the RER with two large suitcases!

That quiche looks delicious! I wish I had a kitchen to make that!

Leesa said...

Debs-- Thanks... It WAS good-- D-LISH rather!!! YUMMMMMM!!!!

Ron- Thanks for your "good energ-" the strike was north today and didn't affect my going to the gym this a.m. - so I went got there at 9 am... I got up at 6 am just to read everyone's blogs and have a coffee!!! When there is a strike here on pub. trans. it really screws everyone up the ....SS!!!! It's sooooo unfair!!! Anyhow.. I got to work yesterday as the buses were still running... YAY!!! So, were the trains but just slower... It was ONLY the RER B line.. not all of the metros.. Just the one I take... heheheh!!!
No, for the QUICHE!! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!!! It was very good.. Ron... If you move to France... I would LOVE to be your personal chef... Cooking/baking is what I do best!!!! My hub is a lucky man, I tell ya!!!
We've got LOTS of wine of all sorts in our cave à vin. I'll take a picture of it... If we come out to visit.. I'll bring wine AND chocolates!!


Welcome!! I LOVEEEEEE your blog--- I am ALL about cooking/baking... It was great for me to find your blog... Here is the recipe for you... I hope you enjoy it... Take good care and come back again!!!

Shannon-- Hey there!!! Yeh... Not fun to be crammed in.. WELCOME BACK to France, deary!! It's not a great welcome home... but we're glad you made it back here safe and sound... I'm looking forward to reading your blog this year and hearing about your vie en France.. Let me know if you make it into Paris for a visit and we'll hang out...
Take good care and get some rest!!
Leesa : )