September 15, 2008

Sam's mystery "Phantom" book!!!!

Hey Everyone out there,

One of my Myspace friends has a new book coming out this December!!  I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!  It looks very interesting...  Hope you all check it out!!!

Here is the post from her blog on her Myspace page.. Click here to see the page.

Dear Friends,

My novel is FINALLY at the Publishers! It will be released in the first week of December 2008. I will make announcements when it's ready.

It has received excellent reviews from the selected few professionals and people who read it.

My book is based on characters created by Gaston Leroux in Phantom of the Opera, but it stands on it's own and is quite different. You don't have to be a Phantom fan to enjoy my book...but for those who are, it brings "Erik" to life like never before! There are many facets to the story...It will make you laugh and cry.

(Photomanipulation below to show you what Erik looks like!)

It is erotica with luscious love scenes, guaranteed to please, but don't be fooled. This story is MUCH more than that!

The events that happen will take you on a roller coaster of emotions and suspense. Live the tale of betrayal, heartache and grief… the illegal world of mobsters… passion, love and intimacy…danger, revenge and murder…a psychic medium, the paranormal and ghosts!

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: My book will be available online through Amazon and other major websites that offer International Shipping.


THE DELAY IN PUBLISHING: My book was ready to publish well over a year ago. At that time, I revised the version, but before I could save it to disk, my computer went down. It took almost 9 months to retrieve it from my old computer due to parts, and then there were problems with graphics for the cover, which took another 5 months. Deciding on a new cover solved the problem, and now it's being published.

Thanks to everyone who has an interest in reading it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

Note: Both photos taken from Sam's Myspace page.

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Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

oooh...oooh...OK...this sounds like something I would LOVE, I can tell!

Just from the review and the photo, I can FEEL how interesting this book is.

It almost feels VAMPIRISH...and I LOVE Vampires.

But I also love the whole Phantom of the Opera thing too!!!

Boy, Sam had a very challenging time getting this book published, so I really admire her stick-to-a-tive-ness!

Good going, SAM!

I will definately look out for this!

P.S. And I LOVE the Bewitched touch!

(it makes me want to "wiggle" my nose!)