September 25, 2008

Queen with Paul Rogers, PARIS 2008 at Bercy

QUEEN has always been one of my most favorite groups!! I really miss Freddy Mercury- no one in my knowledge has had the same kind of voice as he had... His left a big imprint in my brain/heart...  The concert last night was WONDERFUL, with a good mixture of songs from the different group members, including songs from Bad Company (which was really cool cuz I loved Bad Company, too)....  Paul Rogers has a STELLAR voice and is a great performer!! He's HOTTTTTTTT, too.. I didn't know that!!  The entire group was very entertaining and they received a warm welcome by everyone at Bercy last night!  They crowd went wild, singing along.. and alone at times, when Paul put it out to the crowd to sing... It was AMAZING!!!  I teared up a few times, as they had several wonderful tributes to Freddy, and I really felt his "presence" at the concert last night... He's rocking up in Heaven with my Mom, I'm sure of it!!! I'll post some pics, later... I'm off to the gym right now.. CIAO everyone and have a nice day!


Susan in Lille said...

"HERE WE ARRRRRE. WE'RE THE PRINCES OF THE UNIVERERERSE!" I love that they did so many songs for Highlander. A completely underrated series if you ask me...

Glad you had a great time!

Ron said...

OMG, Leesa!

You and I are like two peas in a pod!

QUEEN has always been one of my favorite groups too!

The world lost an incredible talent and soul when Freddy Mercury passed.


I was living in New York City at the time, when Queen had arrived on the music scene. And when I heard his voice for the first time...I thought to myself, "This guys is not only a rock singer...this guy this CLASSIC!"

"WEEEEEE are the friend....and weeeeee'll keep on fighting to the end.....


and on and on!

How blessed you are to have seen them in concert!!!

And I bet it WAS amazing!

And I bet you DID feel Freddy's "presence" at the concert!

Thanks for sharing this night with us, Leesa!

Leesa said...

Hi Susan... I only watched Hilander a few times... I'll go check for the music... Thanks for the reference... I also loved Flash Gordon- the newer movie with the Queen song - Flash Gordon!!!

Ron--- Freddy's passing (to me) was one of the most sad of musical talents- along with John Lennon and Andy Gibb (Andy Gibb was just plain sad cuz he took his own life and at a such a young age and I LOVED his voice, too). I actually start tearing up when I think about Freddy, because I think his death was such a great loss to the world... and it was sooo untimely!! I really miss him a lot!!! He really touched my life and my heart.. Rest in Peace Freddy!! My mom really loved him a lot, too.. So when I start thinking about him... I think about my beloved mom, too.. and I know that they are together ROCKIN' OUT in Heaven!!!

Leesa said...
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Anonymous said...

Leesa, I was there too, in Bercy, wasn't it just the biz? What was it about Freddie Mercury, it's hard to explain how you can miss someone you never knew, but it happens, doesn't it? I got my little Solidarité SIDA badge, with "Life before profit" on it, and that suits me fine. I came out of Bercy absolutely BUZZING!! So special, getting to sing along with all those great songs that are part of my soul. And what a touch of genius, having a piano accordion in 39! Heaven! I liked Free too, but never realised Paul Rodgers had quite such a fantastic voice - wow!!!! :-)

Wonderful evening. :-)