September 29, 2008

Paris CARNIES!!!

For Ron..... This post made me think of something you would write about...

For all of you who LOVE a good fair... Have you ever stopped to look and stare at the CARNIES? They're the ones who travel with the fair, put up the rides and do all those fair games.. You know.. the Carnival Booths.. where they call you over and try to get you to toss a dime into an ashtray or a glass? How about the water pistol where you have to blow up/pop a balloon to win a prize? How about those HUGE life size stuffed animals? Why are Carnies soooo scary looking and missing lots of teeth? Good questions, eh? Anyhow.. they always scared me!!! And today, while I was daydreaming on the metro... I made a comparison in my brain... Carnie-Paris Street Vender!!! WOW... there's a fine line between the two... Anyhow, I found some pics of carnies but none of Paris street venders so use your imagination for the latter...
I pulled the pics of the web, they aren't mine... Enjoy!!!


Barbara said...

Hi honey,
It's nice to be back online. I'm starting to do my rounds.
I hope that you're not too tired. I know that you give your 100% each time !

I will be keeping on updating my photos. So come back in a few days & you may see new shots !

Yeah; I know what you mean about carnies. When I was a kid, some of them looked scary to me. Judging by your photos, some things don't change !!

Big big hugs xxxx

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Leesa, you remind me my childhood. That's not too bad!

Giggle! said...

hahahaha hilarious pics!!! xx

Ron said...

OMG, Leesa….this post is so FUNNY!

LOVE the photos!!!!

You brought back so many memories for me. Especially the one about using the water pistol to blow up the balloon in the clowns head!!! I LOVED that one!

And it’s SO true, Carnies can be very scary, can’t they? Maybe because they’re like gypsies!?!?

And do you know what’s REALLY funny???

My last name is Carnavil!!!!

SCARY isn’t it?

But suits me.

Great post, Leesa!

I really enjoyed it!

P.S. I’m going to go stick a chickens’ head in my mouth now…bye!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Scary but funny :-) :-)