September 11, 2008

New blogger friend in Australia!!

Thanks to a MEME to meet random bloggers, I just had the pleasure of  meeting and to be stalked by Australian blogger girl- Rat Girl!  She's a young and very funny Aussie girl so I highly recommend you check out her two blogs- Giggles and The Adventures of Rat Girl!  I just added you to my blog roll, too- So now we are stalking each other!!!   


Giggle! said...

OMG!!!!!! You are SUPER sweet!

I'm speechless!

Thank you so very much for the kind words!!! I am soooo glad that I picked you!!


Btw I checked out that pickle pop website!!! TOOOO FUNNY! (I even find it a little tempting to be honest! hahaha!!)

You're the bestes Leesa! xx

Ron said...

Can I just tell you how happy I am to know that you ladies have met!

When Giggles told me that she had clicked on YOUR blog on my blogroll, I went...YES!!!

And isn't she BRILLIANT in her RAT GIRL creation??

It's honestly, the funniest comic I've ever read!


Leesa said...

Hiya Rat Girl!!

You RULE!!! Your blog is soooo cool and I love both of them.. Sooo glad you found me...
Come back again and again!!
Take good care,

Ron--- I know she's is AWESOME!! Glad she found me on your blog..... of all places, right? Small world and we all become interconnected!! Love it!!