September 22, 2008

Lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting!

I made these over the weekend so that I could "practice" some recipes that I am working on for my cupcake portfolio!  I really liked this particular recipe.  Here it is if you want to take a look!   LEMON CUPCAKE RECIPE- click HERE.
The cupcakes were pretty moist and not really too lemony or not too sweet, but just right.  So, the lemon buttercream was a good compliment, though it's a bit too sweet and buttery for my taste... Others seemed to like it okay... I wouldn't use the two tablespoons of lemon juice that were recommended for the frosting, but rather I would use a lemon extract and start with one teaspoon and add more according to your own taste... 

Don't forget to WHIP the heck out of the frosting so it's nice and creamy!!  You can choose to add poppy seeds if you like, it changes the texture a bit (a little more crackly when you bite into the cake) and I am not sure, but it may take some of the lemony taste away from the cupcake... The ones with poppy seeds somehow tasted less "lemony."  But, it all depends on what you like! 

 This recipe produced a WHOPPING 37 lemon cupcakes---- I wish you guys were all here!!! We could've had a big cupcake party!!! 


keeper of the chocolates said... my mouth is watering! i can't wait to see that portfolio come together for you!! is there any endeavor more worthwhile than cupcake making??? i think not!

so inspired am i by you!

Leesa said...

Hi Shelbi!

Welcome to my blog! I always love to meet fellow bloggers! I love your blog, too! You and your family are sooo cute! I'll stop back again sometime soon... Take good care, Leesa

Animesh said...

hah! You post these yummy images on the day I am fasting :). What irony.

debi_in_Hawaii said...

If I were to try that it would be a disaster. It would be insulting to the culinary arts for me to even THINK about attempting!
I made Sukoshi a 10th birthday cake. She was SOoo happy, but BOY WAS IT UGLY! So last birthday she got a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza cake LOL

Ron said...

OMG...I DYING here!

These look so AWESOME, that my saliva is beginning to form FOAM!

If I ever lived in France...I would pay you 1 million francs to be my personal chief!

(and free reflexology sessions) after I eat the quiche above...I think I'll have TWO of these!!

Brava, Leesa...these look heavenly!

Leesa said...

Sorry Animesh... Guess it wasn't a good time to have a look... Thanks for stopping in, though.. Looking forward to seeing you Friday night! Take care and happy fasting!!

Hey Debs... Awwwww!!! I'm not so sure about that...I'm sure you do fine in the kitchen!! If you come here.. I'll bake you some... And Ron, too!!!

Ron.... If you can get ahold of one million francs!!!!! We're on euros here..... Hehheheheheh... You're sooo funny... I know you know that.. .but it's much more money in euros... so I'll take euros!!!! You don't have to pay me THAT much, though... If you ever come to visit.. I can bake you some stuff....
But, if you DO move to France one day... I would be happy and HONORED to be your private chef... and
have LOTS of reflex. sessions... since my feet LOVEEEEEEEEEEE that!!
Take good care!!

Susan in Lille said...

Woohoo!! I know what I'm doing Friday...baking cupcakes!! I'm going to try to cut the recipe in half...I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks for the tip!!