September 2, 2008

Ice cream from the day...

Super cool and hip dude Ron, over at Vent, just did a post about the "good humor man," from back in the day... I think that Ron and I (though from opposite coasts) may be from the same "day" because, I too have fond memories of our "ice cream man," with his white postal-looking truck, blasting that oh-so hypnotic circus music that really lured kids away from the tv for just long enough to grab any lose change around the house (even from mom's purse) and buy and ice cream... This special service was super cool in the summer months and after school in the hood, 'cuz you could really count on all types of really yummy ice cream bars- not all the stuff you could buy at the store, mind you... The ICM was a cool dude- a man with big sticks, push ups, creamsicles, ice cream bombs, popsicles, etc.  I never really thought about it until now, but we ate a tremendous amount of ice cream, thanks to ICM!  I am really thankful for the ICM because he really turned me on to so many different kinds of ice cream bars... and ohhhhh... that music was sooo soothing and comforting... Wish I had an ice cream bar right now!! I'd eat it up right now for breaky!!  What was YOUR favorite ice cream bar??
Note:  Pictures in this post were taken from the net... 


debi_in_Hawaii said...

My favorite was VANILLA POPSICLES. Yummmmmmmmmm...
I remember "Surf Pops" (they were like Otter Pops, only bigger) for 10 cents, and this generic green juice (looked like antifreeze!) in a glass brown bottle-like beer!-with NO label or ingredients WHAT-SO-EVER!!!) that was 25 cents. I remember putting it in the freezer...yeah, not a bright idea. Did I learn? No, I still put bottles in the freezer--makes my Diet Zero nice and slushy! :D

Ron said...

OMG, Leesa....I JUST found this wonderful post!

Thank you for the mention, dear lady!

Holy Cow...I remember every single one of these ice cream treats, like it was yesterday!

I actually think they're from the Good Humor Man himself!

The 4th one down I especially remember.

And the FUDGE BARS (5th one down) were INCREDIBLE!!

Thanks SO much for sharing in my ice cream truck memory, Leesa!