September 12, 2008

Got this nifty gift...

From Ron at VENT.  It's for his Blogaversary!!  One year already... Happy Blogaversary VENT!!! I love this blog!!!  Yay!!!!  


Giggle! said...

HAHAHAHA YAY!!! For Vent!! He is my fave!!!

But I gotta say... I bet you could bake a cake that looks even more tempting than the one in that piccy! ;-) xx

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Never read his blog, but I am sure it will be great when I go over for a read!!! :-)

Ron said...

OMG, Leesa!!

You and Giggles are like the SWEETEST people I've ever met!!!


Not only for this, but can I just tell ya...I am so freaking glad that I met you!

For some reason, I have a wonderful feeling that one day, you and I are going meet. And we'll sit there sipping our wine, eating our BAGELS...and just DISH!

Won't that be FUN????

Hey...and how did you know that I worship BALLOONS??

I love balloons more than my own life.

And my favorite thing about their SMELL!

Yes...I love to sniff balloons!

I also enjoy sniffing a brand-new dolls head!

It's that plastic smell!

(shhh, but please don't tell anyone, because they'll think I'm a mental patient)

But there's nothing like a little HEAD, ya know?


Anyway....thanks again for this, Leesa!

And that little clapboard looks so cute!

Ok...I'm off to read your posts.

Leesa said...

Giggle--- Me, too!! I think Ron is my NEW FAVORITE blogger-- Every time I go to his page to read a post- I know that I am going to laugh and enjoy what he wrote!!!

Anne- I saw that you stopped over to see Ron's blog.. YAY!!! Such a great blog!! He is sooooo funny!!!

Ron- Guess your ears were burning, huh? I had to announce your Blog B-day and let others like me who have had the lucky chance to find your blog (me, via Barbara) to have a "laugh my head off" time every time I visit!! You ROCK the BLOG WORLD!!!!