September 21, 2008

For all of those who leave comments!!!

This was an original award I found on someone's blog! You know, when I started my blog, I never really thought much about a comments section... But, it is SOOOO nice to receive comments and SOOOOOOO I'm awarding this SUPER COMMENTER AWARD to all of you out there who have taken the time to leave your words on my blog!! Thanks so much for your "COMMENTS!" It's really a big pleasure to read them and to respond back... And I have found a lot of my fellow bloggers out there from checking out YOUR COMMENTS on other blogger's comments' section!!!             AMEN!!


Giggle! said...

HEEEHEEE WOW! YOu're really full of love today aren't ya!! :-)

Wait... so does this mean that I get this award TOO??? Coz I leave comments?!!

SO thats FOUR awards from you to me then!?



Leesa said...

YEP! Full-o-luv today!! But of course (with my best French accent)... You get 4 awards...
And soooo deserving of all of them and more..... xx, Leesa oo

shannon said...

I just wanted to tell you that I love your blog! I just made the move over to blogspot this past summer, so I'm still new in these waters. I've been reading your blog since then, but I always feel weird just commenting out of nowhere without any kind of introduction. So here is my introduction :-)

Ron said...

Thank you, Leesa!

And thank YOU for being an AWESOME commenter!

I so look forward to your words!

Have a great Monday!

Leesa said...

Hey Shannon-

WELCOME (BIENVENUE) to my blog! It's great of you to stop by and introduce yourself!! I hope you will enjoy Blogspot.... I had trouble using Wordpress since I was sooo used to the Blogger format.. Once you get used to it, it's a piece of cake! Hope you have a safe trip back to France... Take care and please stop back again!

Thanks Ron!!! As I said before... You comments are just as good as the posts... I just LOVE reading all of the comments on your blog! I LOVE the way you take the time to write back to EVERYONE... and you are just such a radiant energy force that your light shines thru brightly!!
Have a wonderful Philly day!
Did you finish the chocolates yet??!


Amen to that indeed!
I just published " bless=?" mini contest in my blog & received wonderful comments... Feel free to check it out. The winning entry has a great msg for all of us...Hope you drop by & tell me what you think...
Have a lovely & blessed new week ahead!