September 19, 2008


I JUST DRANK CURDLED MILK!!!Yuckkk!!!! I feel like throwing up now! So, I chased it down with a mouthful of Bison Grass Vodka and a mouthful of pure cassanis.... I don't know if feel any better but as long as I forget those chunks of curdled milk that's just fine by me..... UGGGHHH!!!


debi_in_Hawaii said...

Maybe some Jalapenos will make you forget about it?
or pop rocks and coke ;) Something I have yet to try!

Ron said...

OMG Leesa...that's FUNNY!!!

Not the curdled milk part, but WHAT you CHASED it down with!!!

Oh...that's PRICELESS!!!

I've done this same thing with my coffee and cereal. I buy my milk at a grocery store that I REALLY love...but for some reason, their milk ALWAYS goes bad so fast!

(and I use it up fast)

One morning, I ate almost ALL of my cereal before I actually noticed it. I GAGGED!!!

The good that I'm still alive.

The bad that I KEEP doing this!

I think I'm tempting FATE!

Ron said...

P.S. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you...I have only 4 pieces of chocolate left! I told you I was a PIG!

Leesa said...

I don't think the sell jalepenjos here in France! But, thanks for the tip, just the same!!! Boy, you got me thinking about Mexican food... Which I really miss!!! Do you have good Mexican food in Hawaii?? I'm from So. Cali. so there... it's the best of the best!!!

Ron... Yeh--- I gagged, too.. YUCK!! Just thinking about it sets off that "gag reflex!!" I'll be smelling and checking from now on... PS the date on the bottle was still good.. So, I don't know what happened!
And, the word in French for someone who eats to much... Is the word - gourmand--- Someone who likes (enjoys) wonderful tasting things and doesn't hold back!!!

debi_in_Hawaii said...

NO JALAPENOS?! Damn! You know Subway used to have jalapeno bread at one time, it got discontinued. My favorite before that was their Asiago bread. OH that was good, and of course they discontinued that too.
I've got carbs on my mind, as usual. I need help! (I did get my carb overdose today too!) Lock your doors, Safeway deli...this carboholic just got paid and is coming over tomorrow to buy all your jalapeno cheese bread! :D