September 6, 2008

Dulce de leche brownies!

This is what's in the oven right now... I'm baking it for tomorrow's lunch with MIL. I know she LOVESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS my brownies and these are extra special made with cajeta (be careful, it's VERY addictive)!!!  For the recipe, click here.

Note: Pictures taken off the net!


Justin said...

Ooooh looks good!

Ron said...

Is it just me...or can I SMELL these baking in your oven right now?

YEP....I can smell them! your MIL in for a wonderful TREAT!

I would love one of these with a cup of coffee, so that I could FLY around the room on CAFFEINE!

Leesa said...

Oh Justin-- Not only do they LOOK good- but they taste-hmmmm... Well, out of this world DELISH, let's say!!

Hey Ron,

Thanks for stoppin' by.. And no, it's NOT just you... It's MEEEEE, too!! I can smell them baking, as well.. Well, I DID smell them baking, since it was last night.. But, we ate some today.. It was breakfast for me, I couldn't resist the temptation.. And my mom-in-law and her beau.. LOVEDDD them!!! Alex said they were good but soooo soooo rich that he prefers the plain ones.. Me, I like 'em all.... If you hope on the first plain to Paris, you can have some with us (and Alex makes the BEST coffee in town)!!!
Take care, Leesa