September 28, 2008

Beautiful weather this weekend in Paris!

Notre Dame on a beautiful sunny day!!

It's fall but it's still warm here in Paris!! It was around 71/72 F today and a GORGEOUS Sunday in the City of Lights!  Well, it was daytime, so ... the City of Sun!!! Here was part of my walk by Notre Dame, just so you can see some leaves starting to change colour!


Ms Mac said...

That picture of Notre Dame is beautiful!

debi_in_Hawaii said...

Gorgeous pics!!

Ron said...

Ok, that's it... I'm coming to France and NEVER leaving!!!

HOLY gorgeous!

It's actually been warm here too. Last week we had some beautiful cool days and nights, but now it feel like summer again. VERY rainy and HUMID. God...I can't wait for WINTER!!! I LOVE being cold!!! And I mean VERY cold!

Thanks for sharing your day with us, Leesa!

It was lovely!