September 8, 2008

Back to work....

It's a big thing for me!!  I have new students this year!  I am excited!  It's also a "weird" feeling to be going "back to work" after having the entire summer off from July- this week!! I teaching this Friday!!  I'm still trying to get my teaching schedule settled!  


La Belette Rouge said...

Bon chance!!! I love that back to school feeling. I miss it. Hope that you have a great school year.

Carolyn said...

Enjoy your back-to-school and rentrée, Leesa! Ooooh, I just read your recent posts and am drooling over brownies, bagels, cupcakes (?) with M&M's on top, and KEY LIME PIE. Yummmmmmm. Great photos, too.

Leesa said...

Hey there LBR- Thanks a bunch!! I know what you mean about the back to school feeling... I am also excited about launching my cupcakes this year!

Carolyn- Thanks too!!! Glad you liked the pictures of the baked goods I've been whipping up! Not good for my current diet... but I have to say, the recipes have been good ones... Helps to have that macro lens, too!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow Leesa, you have so much going on...Good Luck...hope all goes well :-)

Ron said...

oooh...I'm leaving you this comment on Friday, so I hope you had a WONDERFUL day at school!

Ya know...I bet you're a wonderful teacher, Leesa.

And I also bet your students enjoy having you as their teacher!

I really respect and admire teachers. I know that it must be very rewarding, but I also know that it's hard work too!

Hope you had a great Friday!

Leesa said...

Hey Anne--- I've ALWAYS got a lot goin' on... but in a good way, so it's all good!! I like to run a mile a minute, you know!!

Hey Ron,

Thanks sooooo much!!! That's very AWESOME of you to wish me a wonderful day back to work... Heheheh... It's good to be back with the kids... They keep my mind young-- (TOO BAD THE REST OF ME IS GETTING OLDER, though!!!!!)
Thanks, too for your very nice compliment my students liking having me as their teacher--- SHIT!!! Is that correct English--- Can I use two verbs like that???? I might NOT be such a great teach, after all!!! heheheh...
Take care,