September 29, 2008

Paris CARNIES!!!

For Ron..... This post made me think of something you would write about...

For all of you who LOVE a good fair... Have you ever stopped to look and stare at the CARNIES? They're the ones who travel with the fair, put up the rides and do all those fair games.. You know.. the Carnival Booths.. where they call you over and try to get you to toss a dime into an ashtray or a glass? How about the water pistol where you have to blow up/pop a balloon to win a prize? How about those HUGE life size stuffed animals? Why are Carnies soooo scary looking and missing lots of teeth? Good questions, eh? Anyhow.. they always scared me!!! And today, while I was daydreaming on the metro... I made a comparison in my brain... Carnie-Paris Street Vender!!! WOW... there's a fine line between the two... Anyhow, I found some pics of carnies but none of Paris street venders so use your imagination for the latter...
I pulled the pics of the web, they aren't mine... Enjoy!!!

September 28, 2008

French hedgehogs...

Every time I get home late at night... I like to look around the yard for hedgies! Well, last night I found one right away and luckily I had my camera handy! Soooo cute!

Beautiful weather this weekend in Paris!

Notre Dame on a beautiful sunny day!!

It's fall but it's still warm here in Paris!! It was around 71/72 F today and a GORGEOUS Sunday in the City of Lights!  Well, it was daytime, so ... the City of Sun!!! Here was part of my walk by Notre Dame, just so you can see some leaves starting to change colour!

YUMMM!!!!! Italian ice cream...

I was dreaming about ice cream all week and talking about it all weekend while Justin was visiting... So, on my way back to the RER B, I stopped at the famous chain, Amarino near Place St. Michel and had a med. cone- mangue, chocolat et crème caramel!!! HEAVEN, I'm in HEAVEN!!! CREAMY ice cream.. not the watered down icy stuff you buy at the super market!!! 


Gotta love this little guy!

Baby's got blue eyes- Paul Newman passes away at 83...

Paul Newman, the legendary actor whose steely blue eyes, good-humored charm and advocacy of worthy causes made him one of the most renowned figures in American arts, has died of cancer at his home in Westport, Connecticut. He was 83.

Photo from CNN

September 25, 2008


I'm really glad we had such good seats!!!  It was worth it!

Paul Rogers and Brian May- Queen in Paris

Queen with Paul Rogers, PARIS 2008 at Bercy

QUEEN has always been one of my most favorite groups!! I really miss Freddy Mercury- no one in my knowledge has had the same kind of voice as he had... His left a big imprint in my brain/heart...  The concert last night was WONDERFUL, with a good mixture of songs from the different group members, including songs from Bad Company (which was really cool cuz I loved Bad Company, too)....  Paul Rogers has a STELLAR voice and is a great performer!! He's HOTTTTTTTT, too.. I didn't know that!!  The entire group was very entertaining and they received a warm welcome by everyone at Bercy last night!  They crowd went wild, singing along.. and alone at times, when Paul put it out to the crowd to sing... It was AMAZING!!!  I teared up a few times, as they had several wonderful tributes to Freddy, and I really felt his "presence" at the concert last night... He's rocking up in Heaven with my Mom, I'm sure of it!!! I'll post some pics, later... I'm off to the gym right now.. CIAO everyone and have a nice day!

September 24, 2008

Broccoli and Cheddar Quiche recipe!

For those of you who like to cook/bake... and for those who like to EAT!!!! The quiche turned out really YUMMY (of course) and we ate it with a wonderful salad- just plain lettuce and Alex's prize vigarette... The only thing... if you use this recipe... add salt... There's really no way for me to judge how seasoned a quiche is before I take my first bite- No, I'm not a fan of tasting soup egg batter... So, even though I added what I though was "enough" salt and pepper, it didn't turn out being esp. seasoned.. So, if you like things a little on the seasoned side, add maybe a tsp. of salt.. You can also always put it ON the quiche when it's done, that's what I ended up doing... I'm not a salty person, but a sweet one... So, the lack of salt in a recipe doesn't really bother me at all... Just letting you all know for your own reference... I also added onions- I browned them in olive oil WITH the mushrooms, and then I added the brocolli to the mixture (I steamed the brocolli first). Then... I placed the uncooked tomatoes onto the quiche batter when everything else was complete... and baked it all up!! YUMMMM... I bought the cheddar at our local Monoprix! They have been carrying it lately... Which means I don't have to take a trip up to Paris to buy cheese....
Here's the recipe but the way if anyone would like to have quiche for lunch or dinner sometime... I highly recommend this recipe... click here for the recipe!

September 23, 2008


   Oh boy... another strike today!  Maybe it only affected the RER B line up to Gare du Nord... But, because of the last one on the RER B, I got stuck down in La Hacquinère and Alex so nicely came to pick me up during his lunch break (while he was working ALL the way in north Paris) and brought me back home.  

So, I decided to take the day off from the gym today because of the strike.. missing one of my FAV. spin instructors! I'm sooo bummed 'cuz the one tomorrow is a GROS NAZ!
Oh well...  I stopped by the info booth at the gare and chatted up the guy who works there... We discussed alternative possibilities of transportation other than the metro... He even offered to lend me his bike!  Merci...   Nah.. Je ne prendrai pas le risque aujourd'hui!  
Next, I went to the sandwicherie... my local hangout now and had un crème while dawdling around, visited Nadia at the marché (by the way, she has lost about 15 kilos since a surgery she had a few months ago... She decided it was time to get into shape.  And BOY, she looks great!!! I am very proud of her!   After that, I went shopping at Monoprix and picked up some groceries to make a quiche for tonight.  I am getting tired of boring food so I've been cooking more interesting dishes... Tonight, I'll make a broccoli/onion/mushion/onion and chedder quiche! Sounds YUMMMMM!!!!!  
I'll add some pics below, as it looks really D-LISH!!! Sorry Animesh, I know you are fasting right now so try not to look at the pictures!

September 22, 2008

Lemon cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting!

I made these over the weekend so that I could "practice" some recipes that I am working on for my cupcake portfolio!  I really liked this particular recipe.  Here it is if you want to take a look!   LEMON CUPCAKE RECIPE- click HERE.
The cupcakes were pretty moist and not really too lemony or not too sweet, but just right.  So, the lemon buttercream was a good compliment, though it's a bit too sweet and buttery for my taste... Others seemed to like it okay... I wouldn't use the two tablespoons of lemon juice that were recommended for the frosting, but rather I would use a lemon extract and start with one teaspoon and add more according to your own taste... 

Don't forget to WHIP the heck out of the frosting so it's nice and creamy!!  You can choose to add poppy seeds if you like, it changes the texture a bit (a little more crackly when you bite into the cake) and I am not sure, but it may take some of the lemony taste away from the cupcake... The ones with poppy seeds somehow tasted less "lemony."  But, it all depends on what you like! 

 This recipe produced a WHOPPING 37 lemon cupcakes---- I wish you guys were all here!!! We could've had a big cupcake party!!! 

September 21, 2008

For all of those who leave comments!!!

This was an original award I found on someone's blog! You know, when I started my blog, I never really thought much about a comments section... But, it is SOOOO nice to receive comments and SOOOOOOO I'm awarding this SUPER COMMENTER AWARD to all of you out there who have taken the time to leave your words on my blog!! Thanks so much for your "COMMENTS!" It's really a big pleasure to read them and to respond back... And I have found a lot of my fellow bloggers out there from checking out YOUR COMMENTS on other blogger's comments' section!!!             AMEN!!

You are DY-NO-MITE!!! Think J.J. Walker... Memba him??!!

Dear Ron,

You're a SUCH a cool guy and in the very short time that I have been reading your blog- I have managed to gain a new friend, thanks to you... We all think your DYNAMITE, you know... Soooooo... THIS award it 4 U!!! There's no other way to say it... U R DY-NO-MITE!!!!

To my new blogger friend Giggles!

G'day mate... That's what they say down unda!  I spent 2 months traveling around Oz in 1985 when I was 19 years old and I loved every bit of it.. Such a beautiful country/island/continent with lots of really nice people... One of these lovely people is a new blogger friend who recently "adopted" me from our mutual blogger friend Ron (who I found from my friend Barbara)... It's sooo cool how everything is soooo interconnected here in the Blog-o-spere!  Anyhow... Giggles, aka "Rat Girl," is a really super cool blogger chick whose got a whole lot going for her besides her really FUN blogs!! She just gave me a really cool blog award so I'm passing these back her way, since it's soooo great to be able to spread the love around - Soooooo (drum roll, please) this is for you, Giggles!!  All my best to you and thanks again for the lovely award and kind words!  
YOU ROCK!!!!!   (P.S.) I had to give you three because I had too much trouble picking just one!  You deserve them ALL and more!!

September 20, 2008

Blog Award!

Usually I play the humble and modest Hollywood Star...  But today, I am going to beef it up a bit... So bear with me... One of my newest and coolest blogger friends, Giggles (aka Rat Girl) shared the love and passed on this blog award to some of her fellow bloggers (including MOI!!) I'm sooo honored to be the recipient that I want to just jump up and shot... THANK YOU Giggles/Rat Girl for making my day!!!  I am going to share the love tomorrow, cuz right now, I gotta hit the hay!!

I'm a SUCKER for 70s/80s ROCK & ROLL!!!

Who DOESN'T remember one of the biggest "soft rock groups" of the 80s?

                                     "You're under the gun... when you take it on the run!"

Weird dream...

I wanted to blog about this...

A few nights ago, I had a very weird dream... I dreamt that I was in a bar and across from me sat O.J. Simpson! I wondered what he was doing there - in a bar in France (let alone what was
I doing there, too).  I glared at him for several minutes with my meanest look ever.. and my friend came into the bar to meet me.... She went over to O.J., started talking to him... wanted to introduce me.. I said... what are you talking to that scumbag for.. etc... Anyhow... it was even WEIRDER that I remembered the dream the next morning and while I was telling Alex about my weird dream over breakfast, who shows up on the tv screen?  None other than O.J. Simpson!! I was in the Twilight Zone for a few moments and just thought it was the strangest thing that I had a dream about him and then saw him the next morning on tv!!!!  Hmmmmmmm.... bizarre!!!

Washinton Mutual not out of the woods yet!

Had a great scare a few days ago when a good friend in San Diego emailed to advise me to get my money out of Wamu 'cuz they're have HUGE problems and may go under soon!  YIIKEES!  Anyhow.. It prompted me to take quick action and even though things may have quieted down by the short-term actions of the U.S. gov't-- I don't really feel safe having my money in this particular bank any longer- Mind you... I have been with them a LONG TIME-- since 1983 when they were still Great Western... Well, all this talk about banks and stuff got me thinking about the U.S. economy and how this particular friend of mine also believes strongly that the U.S. is headed for a Depression!  Can you imagine?  I know that for years, it's been in a recession.. but a full-blown Depression would be an outright disaster.  What do you all think and how does this affect you... Just wondering!