August 14, 2008

Over the border-- Spain

Run for the border!!
Lots of alcohol and munchies to buy here at the border shops-- I also bought some spices, turon, a six pack of Red Bull, and two packs of Apple Orbit chewing gum.
Alex on a mission to find the cheapest alcohol!!!
I convinced a French family that these were "no good!"  They were looking at it and didn't know what Oreos were... I said, "Oh, it's something American and it's not very good at all..."  They laughed and moved on... 

You can find LOTS of Souvenirs here in the shops... it reminded me a lot of TJ minus the sombreros and the wool blankets...  PLUS, they don't sell Jose Quervo tequila (it's Mexican) and rare... It's really the best for Margaritas, though!!!

You can really stock up your alcohol cabinet at the Spanish border--- I cannot believe how many bottles of liquor we brought-LOTS-- about 11 bottles in total. Alex checked out the prices at the supermarket today and says we did good!! The same bottles here in France cost 50% more per bottle!!!!!

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barbara said...

OMG... you guys really did stock up !
When we were in Italy in the Val d'Aoste, across Chamonix, we took advantage of the excellent white wines.
When asked about the "douanes" the first time, we were told by a merchant said not to worry;no checks anymore.And we have been to Val d'Aoste twice and have never seem customs agents.

Does Spain have customs checks on the border??