August 13, 2008

mis tapas y las tapas de Alex....

Good to the last bite!! I have to say that being a vegetarian may be disadvantageous in places like Spain and France... Well, maybe everywhere, come to think of it!!! I'm a minority, I know, but proud of it! You know, it's not like I WANT to eat meat- I really don't. It's just that there aren't too many choices for people like me, that's all... I actually ate two of my own- torta espanola and a cheese tapas- I even ate Alex's yummy deep fried cheese ball tapas!! They were not really impressive and when I saw the kitchen on my way to the bano- I was even kinda sorry that I had already eaten mine... Hehehe.... Oh well... It's all an experience and it was pretty cool being in Spain!! I had two sips of my Sangria and my head was already a bit woozy so Alex finished mine off for me... a vegetarian AND a lightweight!!!!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

All looks great to me!!

I don't think you are the minority anymore. I know quite a few vegetarians.

Never heard of Tapas on Baguette!!! Strange.

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
I have never been to Spain, so this is all looking rather exotic. You had some great eats and beach scenery to round out your trip.

I must try tapas one day, but I'll pass on Sangria ;)

See you soon