August 31, 2008

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine!

Two things I SWEAR BY! If you ever have the occasion to try either, or both... I HIGHLY recommend it.. It cured my asthma, and really helped with my severe PMS symptoms/menstrual stuff, back pain when I had acute pain from a herniated disc... If you find someone good.. He becomes your best friend... Kind of like a saviour, too.... Here's mine... Dwayne Lee, my wonderful acupuncturist in San Diego.. I can really say that the treatments he did over the three years that I did acupuncture were highly effective... Here's his website... He opened an incredible place in Del Mar, California called... Affinity Wellness.

The faces of Buddha...

Though I am not technically a Buddhist, I do share in so many of the Buddhist philosophies...

I liked this lemur in a meditative pose (I know it's silly, but it's cute)....

Photos taken from the web.

August 28, 2008

By the pond...

Sunny sunflowers brighten my day!

     Yesterday was a day of silent mourning for me... Today is a new day, I feel blessed and I appreciate every day that I am alive and healthy... I thank you all for your sympathies and kind thoughts! It really helps bring the rays of sun in... Thanks, Leesa : )

The Joli Times....

If you have not yet done so, now's as good a time as ever to check out our fav. family in Clairemont, Ca.... The Joli's (The Joli Times)!! Follow their month of savings and wonderful food photos as the family reduces their food bill drastically over a month's time!! They are great examples to us all!!! Go, Go... Joli's!!!
*Note:  Pictures for this post were taken by the Joli's.

Restaurant "Tropic Garden" in St.-Paul lès-Dax

This resto. is in Saint-Paul lés-Dax.  It's the resto. that Sylvie told us about- Tropic Garden.  The former owner opened the restaurant in what was an old serre à papillions and changed it into a tropical jungle.  I think the story was that he lived or spent a lot of time in Cuba so he wanted to recreate the "tropical" atmosphere... It was great... very fun and you really had the impression that you were in a tropical rain forest...

August 27, 2008

Early Fall or what is going on here?

I have noticed this year that the chestnut trees looked to be infected with some kind of worm or some other leaf maladie... I didn't look it up until now, because I kept forgetting... 

But, the other day when Barbara and I were walking together.. We started to discuss it when we noticed trees whose leaves were already brown and that had a pile of dead leaves at the base of the trunk. When we got to the Parc de Sceaux, we really noticed that all of the marroniers leaves were really brown and a lot of leaves were already on the ground, at the end of August!!! Just a bit early for fall... 

So, I did some research tonight and found out this info... 

Leaf Miner

Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner is an insect pest, Cameria ohridella, which attacks the leaves of the horse chestnut. This arrived in the UK in 2002 from Europe. The larvae mine within the leaves and can cause striking widespread damage. Severely damaged leaves shrivel and turn brown and fall by late summer, well before the normal autumn season. There is no evidence so far that this causes the tree itself to die, as only the leaves are affected: the tree's reduced photosynthetic ability may affect its growth during the growing season.

Experts recommend the leaves should be disposed of during the winter months to limit the spread.

Leaf Blotch

Guinardia, or Leaf Blotch, is one of the most common diseases, caused by the fungus Guignardia aesculi. This disease can be mistaken for the leaf miner disease. It is recognisable by the reddish or dull brown irregular blotches that are often concentrated at the tips and margins of the infected leaves. The blotches are often outlined by a conspicuous yellow band. Again this disease only affects the leaves of the trees, reducing their photosynthetic ability and leaves need to be disposed of during the winter to limit its spread.

Rest in Peace....

Today was a hard day.... I learned of 3 deaths.  One was my friend Pam's mom, who passed away unexpectedly on Monday night.  Then, my dear friend who is like a sister to me, wrote to tell me her mom passed away while they were on a family vacation in San Diego this summer.  The family is like my second family, so I am really feeling this deeply.  I especially feel for Pam and Fatma because it's their mom, and I lost my beloved mom almost 3 years ago, and it's still hard for me to be without her.  

And, just a few moments ago, I received an email from my friend in San Diego, telling me that our friend Vincenzo, owner of a wonderful Italian resto "VINCENZO'S,"  in Little Italy just passed away last night.  Gosh... I know how sad it is when someone you love passes away, but Heaven must really be rocking out right now!  My heart weeps and goes out to my friends and their families at this time... It's really a hard time to get through... I don't know if people really like to talk about it openly, I know it really helped me to talk about my mom's death... but, it seems to take soooo long to get through losing a loved one or someone close... even for me, and I have a really strong faith in God.  It helps me get through it, but it doesn't take away the grief or the pain.  


Lovely lotus flowers

Sylvie's Cavelette in Toulouse

Sylvie was the cute and charming French woman we met/made friends with in Toulouse.  She ran a local cave, called La Cavelette.  We bought about 4 cases or so of wine from her... She introduced us to her lovely American friend (from Philly), Carla, and a few nights later... we were enjoying good company and a wonderful meal chez Carla et Olivier.  
*Side note:  I know very well that this is no way to choose wine, but I choose several bottles based on the cute label.  The wine was EXCELLENT, btw!

August 25, 2008

Unique Media Maps for Sale... Sooooo Cool!!!

If you are looking for a special gift for someone that likes to travel, I suggest you check out this site... Barbara showed me her map of San Diego today and it was really cool, a very artistic rendition of the city. I would highly recommend you buying one or more of these maps, if you like maps or as a gift to someone who likes to travel. I am going to oder some for my students for their b-day gifts... The maps are only $6.95 each.  Check out the site for more map choices and ordering information.
*Pictures taken off the website of Unique Media Maps