July 22, 2008

OOPS!! I almost forgot! Paris Plage 2008!!

Paris Plage kicked off yesterday and the weather was a bit chilly down here in Antony. Maybe it was better in Paris, but I didn't go! INSTEAD, I went to the gym... I had the intention of catching my "1140" a.m. RPM class but for some reason I TOTALLY spaced on the time and thought it started at 12:20 pm. So, once on the train headed for the gym, I had a revelation about the time and quickly checked my agenda.. Sure enough... 11:40 and it was already 11:56... I got to the gym... and stayed there from 12:08 pm - 8:20 pm only leaving twice- once to talk an hour walk and again to stop at the boulanger since I had NOOOO energy and I was starving!!!! I went to the RPM class at 7:40 pm... Along with: one hour on the eliptical, 45 minutes of weights, and 40 minutes of abs, stretch and yoga... WHEW!!!! I'm feeling it all now... So anyhow, this post in not REALLY about Paris Plage!!!

Note: Picture pulled of the internet!

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