July 2, 2008

Me and Penny (my dog sister- same hair do)


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Both just beautiful!

The Big Finn said...

What kind of dog is that?

Wheaton Terrier?

Leesa said...

Thanks Philip!!! : )

TBF-- YES!! Soft-coated Wheaten terr. They don't shed their fur, either!! And they have great personalities, too... That will be our dog, when we get one.. You have to keep them well-groomed, though, cuz their coat gets dirty fast and knotted... I don't really like the way they groom Penny's facial fur.. They always make her look like a male dog and not a pretty girl dog!! My gripe.... She's a DOLL, though! When we got back to San Diego.. we went to the hotel where she lives... and as soon as she heard my voice calling her, she started scratching the door to get out and jumped on me as if I had just seen her yesterday.. Such a warm welcoming!!! I just LOVE her!!