July 26, 2008

I'm NO expert on mehandi design...

but I tried!It's NOT too easy applying it on your own feet... I'm not very talented, as you can see!

Traditional henna (mehandi) designs for weddings are beautiful.... I looked online for some ideas, but when it came right down do it.... Unless you take the time to practice or unless you are somewhat more talented than I am, you will come out with something much more primitive!! It wasn't very easy to squeeze the henna paste out of the container.  I wonder if Indian women prefer to use plastic tubes or if they are okay with this medium?  I found that while it was okay at first, once the henna started to clump up inside near the tip, it because almost impossible for me to squeeze out. As a result of my unsuccessful attempts to squeeze and squeeze, I resorted to cutting the tip of the tube until it got to the point that it just squirted out in huge globs- so what was the point??!!!  I'm not so great at it, it's only my first time, and even Alex agreed that I get someone next time who knew how to apply henna and to make nice designs... I actually met a woman in line at the post in Antony... So, I know need to locate her number and see if she's still around!!  Who knows, maybe I will host a Henna Party chez moi!! That would be fun...  Let me know if you are interested!!!  

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Milk Jam said...

a lot of people use syringes (without the needle of course!!!) to apply the henna, much easier ;-)