July 7, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood..

We were watching Grease on tv not too long ago and I just looked up Stockard Channing on google.. Here she is before and after... It's amazing what Hollywood can do..  She's 61 now and the second picture was taken when she was 60!! You GO GIRL!!!

The above pictures were taken off the internet.. The second picture (as brought to my attention by TBF) is of Raquel Welsch- OOPS! I think I'll leave it up since it looks better than the one of Stockard Channing in the present day!!!


The Big Finn said...

I have a feeling that picture is really of Raquel Welch. If you look at other current pictures of Stockard Channing on Google images, you'll notice that they don't look anything like this one. However, if you look at the ones of Raquel Welch...BINGO!

But still amazing because Raquel Welch is approaching 70.

Leesa said...


Thanks for noticing that.. You are right... It looks much more like Raquel and NOTHING like Stockard C. I thought it was kinda strange but chalked it up to really good plastic surgery.... Well, Racquel is known for her timeless beauty... She's still GORGEOUS, even if she's paid some extra bucks to STAY looking that good, it's definitely money well-spent! I hope we can all look so good at that age..
Take care, Leesa