July 18, 2008

HOORAY for Bollywood!!!

We just finished watching the film, "Monsoon Wedding," one of my favs.


Susu said...

Gooorgeous people!
Just wanted to pop in to wish you happy summery days. We're catching a flight up North this evening. Later Cali-gal!

anaïs said...

tu l'as? tu peux me le prêter? ou tu l'as vu à la télé? bizzzzz

Animesh said...

It is a great movie -- but somehow I didn't see Aishwarya and Abhishek in it :).

On a different note, I must expose you to the great situational comedies of Bollywood of the 70s and 80s.

P.S. Funny how as you were watching Monsoon Wedding, I was watching High Fidelity, and loving it!

Lehners in France said...

I haven't seen the film, but I love all of the wonderfully colourful dresses. Debs x Bon Weekend

Leesa said...

Susu--- Yes, I know!! Sometimes I think I would like to look like Aishwarya because she is sooo beautiful!! But, maybe in another life.. Have a wonderful trip to Finland and have a great Wedding Celebration.. See you when you get back.... Mrs!!!!

Animesh--- You're right, those two weren't in the film but I put them in because I she is my FAVOURITE Bollywood actresss... I had to put her in there- and her hubby, too.. since he was in the pic with her! I would love to check out the older Bollywood films from the 70s/80s. Let me know some titles so I can look them up... See you later today!

Debs- It's really one of my favs so I highly recommend it... I really love all the singing, dancing and beautiful costumes, too!!! -- Leesa