July 1, 2008

Finding a dear friend from New Zealand!!

A HUGGGGGEEEEEEE THANKS to Antipodesse from Sheer Naughtiness

When Antipo emailed replied to my email about the picnic yesterday... I had NO idea what was in store for me... She's in NZ, her home country on holiday with the family so she can't make the picnic... I asked her if she wouldn't mind looking up my longtime ago flatmate...from '85 - when I lived and worked in Ackland for a few months.. I lost touch with Christine years ago.. She got married and moved.. I moved alot and we just couldn't find each other.. I have been searching for years on the internet.. Anyhow, Antiopo gave me the name of a site in NZ called Old Friends and suggested I try it.. and also said she would gladly try to find my long lost friend.. When I went on the website, Old Friends, I entered my friends name and in less than 2 seconds.. POOOFFF!! There it appeared! I was just amazed and dumbstruck!! I wrote to her right away and later on that day received an email from her.. I am going to post them because when I read her letter, I actually got really choked up and started to cry out of happiness!! She is doing great.. hubby and kids, too.. Meet Christine.. my long-ago flatmate in Ackland, New Zealand!!! I am sooo excited to regain contact with her after all of these years....

Here's my email to her:

Hi Christine,
WOWWWW!!! I can't believe I found you!! My friend, Helen (a Kiwi) told
me about this website and I found you right away... It's been soooo many
years! How are you all doing? I am sure the kids are all grown by now!!
I still have a letter you sent to me years ago and tried writing to the address
but never heard back so I figured you moved... I hope you are all doing well..
I live in France now.. Outside of Paris... I got married a little over two years
ago to a very wonderful French man and I moved from California here to France
and now it's home for me!!
Take care and I really hope to hear from you again... I have thought
about you over all these years so I will be happy to regain contact..
Take good care,
Leesa the American girl who lived with you in July 1985!!

Here's what she wrote back to me later on that day:

Hello Leesa,
What a SHOCK!!!! But a fantastic one. Would you thank Helen from me? I have had your photo on the fridge in the kitchen for years wondering where you were, but knowing we would be in contact one day. I've also been looking for you. I wrote to you as well but never had a reply, so I thought the letter may have got lost or you had moved on. I meet some American people through a friend and asked them if they could find you for me when they went back home, but they couldn't. What was the website?
We live in Hamilton, just down the road a bit, south of Auckland.
The girls have grown up some what. You rang me just after Rachael was born, that was nineteen years ago. She has left school and working. Colette is seventeen and still at school.
Congratulations on your marriage, and have a great life together. Wouldn't it be great to have a second honeymoon here in New Zealand??

Take care of yourself. Great to hear from you at last, after all this time. JUST FANTASTIC.


Jennie said...

Aww that's so cool!!!

If your hubby doesn't want to go to NZ on a second honeymoon, I'll gladly go with you!! :)

Susan said...

That is fantastic!! What a great way to start your week. Congrats!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How fantastic is that!! Must of made your day :-)

Antipodeesse said...

I'm so happy to have played a tiny part in these retrouvailles!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

This is great. Lovely friends, happy moments. That's good.

barbara said...

Beautiful :)
I love happy stories like this.
Now, you have stay in touch.