July 16, 2008


We had another picnic tonight - in Paris this time, right along the Seine!!! Only in Paris, right?! It was soooo beautiful and the weather held up very nicely!! I have never been to this endroit and it was great- So great, that we are going to do it all again
NEXT Wednesday!! These summer picnics are just right up my alley!! I LOVE to be outdoors and to hang out with friends! A BIG HUGE THANKS to Florence for suggesting the idea for the "Paris Picnique" and for choosing such an excellent location!!
See you all next week and ALL of you out in Blogland are invited, too... it's potluck so just bring whatever! Drinks and something to nibble on... We'll make it for 6 p.m. next Wed. Please let me know if you can make it!!!

Directions: Where: Take Metro Sully Morland (7) Sortie: rue Sully and continue on rue Sully-
When you see the Seine you will come to the bridge - the Pont de Sully.
There may still be a lot of construction work going on still so walk on the right hand side of the bridge..
There are two parts of the bridge-- walk across both til you reach the end of the
second street. If there is construction work and you are indeed on the right side of
the bridge, then cross the street at the corner and look for the path that goes down
to the Seine... Follow this path down and when you are below you will see some
small "amphitheatres just along the bord of the river... We will most likely be at
the 3rd 'demi-lune" so look for us there on the steps... If by any chance you don't
see us at that one.. you can check the others- they are all next to each other and
not far apart... At around 6 pm there probably won't be many people but around 7:30
it starts to fill up as they have dance lessons in these little arenas.... It's really cool
because where we are on the steps we can watch the dance lessons, too...

When: around 6 pm---- whenever (around 11 pm)

What to bring- anything to drink - wine, soda, water, juice, etc
and something to nibble on --- ex- bread, cheese, fruit salad,
whatever after dinner snacky thing you want to bring....

You don't need blankets because it's cement stairs to sit on...

Contact: Leesa - 06 19 17 39 68

Note: In case of RAIN- the event will be cancelled.


Phivos Nicolaides said...

Oh Paris mon amour!

Victoria said...

a fun time was truly had by all (or at least by me)!!
thanks for the invite