July 9, 2008

55th Annual World Championship Over-The-Line Tournament

What would I be doing in San Diego if I were there this weekend, you wonder?! Well, I'd be heading over to Fiesta Island to watch the OTL tournament... YOUSA!!!! It's fun and exciting and action-packed!! If ANYONE visits San Diego at this time of the year.. It's a MUST to watch OTL.. I mean, you must see it at least once in your life time.
It begins on July 12/13 and continues again on July 19/20 Better off going the first WE.. That's when all the action takes place... See OMBAC's Official Website for more info. This tournament is a tradition amongst local San Diegans... It's a gran' old party!!
Note: Photos taken off the internet.


barbara said...

Salut Leesa,
My folks moved me out of SD before I could even appreciate such things. It is the first time I'm hearing about this event.
I'm sure that the second photo has much more "appeal" for the guys than the first. Ha !

L said...

The girls still have their bathing suits on in the photo. Don't you have to be 18 to go? I think my brother went as soon as he was 18 to check out the topless girls. At least that's what I remember. Lots of people drinking, partying, and a few bikini tops coming off. haha!