June 1, 2008

tv in the 60s- What's was your FAV???

One of my favs was Gidget and Nanny and the Professor... Many more of course!! TV was sooo different back then in black and white time, wasn't it?? Anyone remember watching UHF- Channel 52-- Our Gang (The Little Rascals), Three Stooges, Speed Racer and Kimba the White Lion?? Let me know... if you were a child of the 70's- what was your fav? Kid of the 80s- what was your fav??
I have a whole list of my favs...
Nanny and the Professor
The Courtship of Eddy's Father
Family Affair
Mary Tyler Moore
Dick Van Dyke Show
That Girl
I Love Lucy
Gomer Pyle
My Three Sons
Father Knows Best
Beaver the Cleaver

Sat. morning cartoons- Hanna Barbara
I am going to add some more later... Please help!!!


naturelle said...

Bewitched (and you can still watch in in France :D )
The Munster Family ... and there was also an old series with the same guy who played Herman Munster, a series about 2 policemen (I can't remember the name...).
And how about Batman and Robin ? :D

barbara said...

Some of my favs :

Hawaii-5-O ( kinds normal,living in HI);Happy Days;Little Houseon the prairie;All in the Family
M*A*S*H ( I used to watch that w: Dad, as he was a medic in the Korean war).
My fav variety show was the Carol Burnett show, & I grew up with the Flintstones & Yoggi Bear !

Paul said...

I really had a crush on Gidget. About the same time period was The Patty Duke show where she played both sisters. From my perspective of New York state mid-60's TV I can add afternoon cartoons Gigantor and 8th Man. My favorite evening show was Time Tunnel but also liked science news show "The 21st Century" from Union Carbide. Then there's the Glen Campbell, Red Skelton, and Tim Conway shows. Umm, Dragnet, Car 51, The Outer Limits. My sister and I watched most of these on a TV hidden in a closet in the basement - our Dad did not allow TV in our house but my Mom was OK with it.