June 9, 2008

Tomatoes and more- at the marche'


David said...

They look like my grandpa's.
Which reminds me I haven't eaten tomatoes in like months.... Mmmmm.... Actually, that's not true, I had a tomato salad two weeks ago...

BTW Leesa, I think it's high time you learn how to type é. ;-)

So if you have a French keyboard, there's nothing easier, just type the é key. ;-)
If you have an American keyboard, it's still pretty easy.
Press the "alt" key and then 130 on your keypad and then release "alt"
It seems tedious at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes a second nature. :-)

naturelle said...

ah the tomatoes! those are delicious! I know that type is called "coeur de boeuf" ;)

Leesa said...

David-- They look so good! Can't wait to eat the one we bought. They are bio, too! The bio radis we bought were pretty good, too... spicy!

Naturelle- Beef steak tomatoes! The BEST tomatoes I have ever eaten in my life were in Marsala, Sicilia. Produce is sooooo tastiful there!