June 1, 2008

Test Post...

just bought more space for my blog- The space actually goes to Picasa and gmail but the pictures you upload to Blogger are directly related to your Picasa account.. How many of you know this... If you go to your Picasa account, you will see all of your blogger pics stored there... This is a great backup system to stor photos... in case your computer crashes and you haven't done a recent back up... Anyhow.. I'm digressing.. This post is a test run to see if my extra storage space of 10 G ($20) is working yet or not.. I am having problems with it and writing back and for to support for help.. Keep your fingers crossed... If a picture appears with this post- then all is well and I will be a happy camper... If not, I'll be pissed and it means more emails to Google to figure out how to access the extra storage that has been bought and paid for since yesterday.. Here I go!

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