June 1, 2008

Prayers answered!!! PHHHHEEEWWW!!!

Ahhhh, it's such a relief when things actually work... Okay, so I'm a happy camper now... and you guys are all still probably sleeping.. It's only 8:35 am on Sunday... Barbara, I know you're up by now so you my be the first person to read this today!!! Good morning to all and Happy Sunday. I am now the proud owner of 10G of space on blogger... That's a TON of space... and Yes, you can "run out" of space on Blogger and either have to open a new account and start a new blog, or opt out like I did to continue with the same blog and just pay for extra space... I went through about a gig of space in about a year and a month or two.. But, those of you who read my blog know that it is composed mostly of photos. So, I probably use space up more quickly than most of you out there with blogs. I also mostly use big size photos.. I use a Mac, Justin, so Windows isn't an option for me, thanks for the suggestion, though! I am sure others can benefit from it... and will.... to resize the photos they upload to blogger.
So now, without much further ado... I bring to you ... my new and improved, News From France... which is now stocked up with PLENTY of storage space... YAHOOOO.... oops.. I mean GOOOOOOGLE!!! Have a nice Sunday everyone!!!


Penny said...

Hi Leesa

I'm glad you sorted out your space problem. I have a mac too and what I do before uploading photo is to resize them using the email button in iPhoto. Then I just drag them out of the email that opens onto my desktop and upload from there. Just thought I'd mention it in case you're not aware of the quick email resize button - I size them to medium and its quick to upload but good enough quality if people want to click on them to see them

penny :)

Justin said...

Yeah pictures! Well I am sure there have to be other blog editors our there for the mac that do the same thing... I will do some digging and see what I can come up with. I just like that what I have is a simple one step process, I write the post and it takes care of uploading and resizing... I really am so lazy! ;-)

Leesa said...

Hey Penny- Thanks for the info! I am going to try this method... Thanks for the tip!! I actually resize my pics to medium when I send my pics in email from IPhoto itself- but haven't ever thought to do it when uploading pix to Blogger... :)

Justin- I am going to try what Penny suggested. I think that will solve the "resize" issue for my blog... I will do this now that I have more stuff, just to save space! Take care, Leese

barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
I'am ( by necessity ) up early but I was not blog surfing when you got this post out !
Congrats for the extra space ! It will be soooo handy. Now you can just keep on photo blogging and not worry about space.
Bises :)