June 19, 2008

Plan for Picnic at Parc de Sceaux for July 5!

Hi Everyone,

My husband made a plan for the spot we will be hanging out at for the picnic... It's a great spot... close to the gare (Parc de Sceaux RER B) and close to the parking (if anyone comes by car). Most importantly, it's close to the bathrooms!!! 
The directions on the photo are in French.. Here is the English translation:
From Paris and other regions by RER...

1. Take the RER B line that stops at the gare Parc de Sceaux (this is the station you will get off at)
***Be careful because there is also another RERB that goes to Sceaux.. which is NOT the stop you want.. you want to make sure you get on the RER B that makes at stop at Parc de Sceaux.. This will be marked as Direction Massy-Palaiseau.  Though there are several different RER B's that go south, you ONLY want the one that goes to Massy-Palaiseau because it's the ONLY one that stops at the Parc de Sceaux.  
2. When you walk out of the RER Station at Parc de Sceaux (there is only one sortie) turn to your left and start to walking up the street.  You are on rue la Duchesse du Maine.  
3.  Turn RIGHT on Avenue Arouet and continue down this street all the way until you arrive at the next street that intersect Ave. Arouet.  This street is called Le Notre.  
4. Cross the street and you will see that Avenue Arouet becomes Avenue Puget.  You will see a gated entrance to the Parc... 
5. Go through the gate and turn RIGHT when you come upon the walking path.  When you get to the walking path, you will see a great, big grass lawn.  If you look towards the far end of this lawn, you will immediately recognize the huge tree in the photo below.. This is where the picnic will be...  Ta da!!!!! See maps below and the picture of the tree for more details...  PLEASE don't hesitate to write if you have any questions.... 

Please RSVP (confirm ASAP) by email or via comments so that I can see if we need more or less or something.. i.e. dishes, side dishes, desserts.. 
In addition to bringing a dish or dessert or side dish (bread and cheese, fruit... etc),
please bring a liter or six pack of a drink of your choice.  We will bring our coolers with ice... i.e.  a bottle of wine...  liter or six pack of- soda, water.. etc... 
If you want to be festive, you can wear red, white, blue --- or one color or two of the colors.

Bring a towel(s) or blanket to sit on.. sunscreen, etc.

Alex and I plan to get there around 11 am or so and we will try to put up some red, white, blue ballons.. The ballons will serve as a nice marker... so I hope we can get some!! If you don't see ballons, we will still be there.. Attire is totally optional.  Wear whatever is comfortable but dress for the weather--- I am going to keep an eye on the weather forecast.. and we will still have the picnic if it's cloudy.. We should have a "Plan B" just in case of rain, so if anyone has any ideas, please share them.. I know that some of you are coming from afar, so I don't want to cancel the picnic just because of the rain.. Hopefully, it won't rain!!! Everyone, cross your fingers and pray/chant/dance for SUN and blue skies!!! 

It's only about 12 minutes to walk from the gare Parc de Sceaux to the spot where we will be... It's very easy to find, so don't worry.... 
Here's the big tree where we will be parked for the picnic.. As soon as you see the big lawn area you will notice this tree.  It's the largest tree on the lawn area, there's another large tree but it's a pine tree... This one is an oak tree (I think)


Soulamouse said...

I wish I could come...also after seeing those cute muffins:) enjoy!@!!!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Oh how I wish I was able to be there!!!! Hope everyone has a great time..will cross fingers for the weather..!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

btw Leesa, if you google parc de sceaux, your post about the picnic is 5th!!!!