June 29, 2008


Through others... (blogs, that is)!!! Hey... I am just tooo busy at the moment to blog so my apologies! But, I have been managing to "LIVE VACAIROUSLY" through my fellow bloggers (special thanks to Sam)... it's been really nice just catching up on my blog reading and hearing what's going on this summer..

Ohhhh.. I missed PRIDE in Paris.. which I am bummed about, since I don't have ANY gay guy friends here in Paris... and about 80% of guy friends in Cali. are gay.... I always used to go to San Diego Pride every year to look see all the very buff and bare torso-ed really hot gay guys.. So, I am sad I missed the one in Paris.. Oh.. and yeah... in case any of you are going.. hmmm.. yeh.. I'm a "fruit fly" which is a term that I coined for a girl who always hangs out with gay guys... I can give you about a million and two reasons why they make a girls best friend.. but we all know why, so I don't have to explain...

Take care and bon dimance to everyone!!

Can't wait for Paris Plage to start this year as summer's already off to a very good start and France is back on my "A LIST" again!!!


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barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Yes, I think that your new activities will be slowing down your blogging here. I expect it & won't hold it against you.

Saturday's "grève" made it hard to get to Paris, with the RER B affected...So the Pride parade & everything else was out for us.
Living in Hawaii has made me very tolerant by nature.So, I would have just enjoyed the party !