June 11, 2008

HOT French guy!!

Meet, "Sex and the City's," -Gilles Marini. My good-looking friend, Gary, was his stand-in for the movie! This guy is not only HOT, but he's French... and comes across as really sweet... I actually wrote to him on his Myspace page during the filming of the movie and he wrote back right away... I had NO idea he was so cute, but after seeing the movie... Hubba Hubba!! Anyhow... I am sure the gals will be more into this video.. it's about 7 minutes but it was cute.... so watch it.. Guys, sorry... It's a girl thang!!


A Seattleite in Paris said...

oh la la!! When I saw the movie I didn't realize he was French. What a hotty!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am Tatiana from St. Petersburg. If you're friend Gary looks like that then i want to mmet him two. sent to me garys adress!