June 9, 2008

Here Comes The Sun - Part 2!

Here come's the sun, Here comes the sun... and I say, "It's all right!"

Little darlin', it's been a long, cold lonely winter... Little darlin', it seems like years since it's been here...

Here comes the SUN
Here comes the SUN
And I say, "It's all right!"

Little darlin' the smiles returning to the faces
Little darlin' it seems like years since it's been here...

Here comes the SUN
Here comes the SUN
And I say, "It's all right!!"

I know I griped about the gray clouds the other day... I also had a severe meltdown after that... I had to look up S.A.D. too, just to confirm that I'm not going crazy, and that there are INDEED people who get depressed from the LACK of sun. I am one of those people. I suffered from this in California, too, but it was mainly in the winter time when the weather wasn't good. Here in France, the weather has been cloudy for most of the year, since last June. I kid you not! I know that Alex says this is really exceptional and that it's NOT usually this cloudy here in France like this. I feel like there has been one HUGE fat season here this year--- the season called YUCK!! That's the way I have described the weather, besides merdique, of course.. but YUCK is more polite, I suppose. I have to say, that it's not ONLY because I am from So. California, land of the sun and shine, but also because I think that in my past lives, I was a reptile, a sunflower, and a tropical island... So... my genetic make-up must be one that contains some SUN-DNA, or something. I am year of the snake- I LOVE reptiles and flowers.. esp. SUNFLOWERS and my favourite escape is a tropical island! Hence, my past lives! I think that I need sunshine to grow, to blossom and to thrive. I am not going to mention this again here on my blog, it's just how I have felt over the past year of cloudiness... and when the sun and blue skies are here, I feel just fine... "It's alright.... do, do, do... do, do, do... do do!!


Genial said...

I think it depends on the year... I remember some years where we had little sun and we hardly had over 30 degrees C... and yet other years where the sun seemed to stay forever, it was too hot, etc etc...
I guess it depends on how much rain we have too.... Oh well, when it's cloudy I tell myself that it ain't that bad either because we do need rain (otherwyse we may end up with droughts, water rationning... and it isn't nice either when it is hot hot hot and you can't use water as you wished.... I used to live close to Hotlanta and I remember the nightmare ...)

Barbara said...

Hi Leesa,
Yes; everyone got their fix today :)
I'am like everyone, I love sunshine. It's when it gets in the excess when I "wilt"... That I acquired here. I noticed how the heat & humidity affected me when I went back to see my family in HI.

See you tomorrow ;)