June 25, 2008

Fresh Veggies--- Bio, too!


Susan said...

Your photos are amazing, you have a real talent! Dur...maybe you are a photographer and I just have not read enough of your blog to find this out...apologizes if this is the case!

Thanks for giving us all such pretty things to look at!!

Leesa said...

Hehe!! Thanks so much for your compliment, Susan!!! I'm not a pro.. by any means.. I have been "into" photography since 8th grade--- I took a photo class then and ever since then.. it's been a passion of mine.. I really do appreciate your compliment, though.. I wish one day to really DO something with my photography, besides blogging that is.. Maybe a book, who knows.. If you like my photos.. please feel free to check out my archives.. I am mostly a "photo blogger," but I do enjoy writing, as well.. Take care, Leesa